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Added: 26/05/2016 - 07:51PM
Updated: 04/11/2016 - 08:40AM

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Last updated at 8:40, 4 Nov 2016 Uploaded at 19:51, 26 May 2016

Drop in the folder with models and/or textures, it will check all nif and dds files from the same directory including subdirectories.
Redirect output to a file if needed nifscan.exe >errors.txt

Command line options:
  • -nodds Do not perform checking of textures
  • -fixdds Convert textures to the nearest format supported by SSE, right now R8G8B8 or A8R8G8B8
  • -nosse Do not check for mesh issues that affect SSE but not a problem for Skyrim
  • -nowvc Disable the check for redundant all white vertex colors

Here is the list of checked issues:
  • String indexes out of bounds, that always crashes the game
  • Duplicate children names. Causes random elusive crashes in game, but not on all meshes. Vanilla meshes have dups in skeletons and some armours, so maybe it affects statics and clutter only.
  • BSXFlags node must have BSX name. No crashes, but disables collision and finding the reason could be a pain.
  • If NiAlphaProperty is before shader property in children of shapes/strips, that will crash
  • SLSF1_Environment_Mapping and EnvMap shader type are both set together, the same for eyes envmap flag and shader. Crashes CK and random crashes in game.
  • SLSF2_Vertex_Colors and HasVertexColor flag in shapes/strips should match. No problems in CK or game, but a sign of broken mesh import since vanilla meshes don't have that issue.
  • Bit 9 flag in BSX and SLSF1_External_Emittance should match. Random crashes in game.
  • Redundant all white vertex colors, no issues but bloat meshes
  • NiTriStrip node is not supported by SSE. Ignore if mesh is for Skyrim only
  • NiSkinPartition with strips is not supported by SSE. Ignore if mesh is for Skyrim only
  • DDS textures with formats unsupported by SSE (R5G6B5 and others). Crashes the game