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About this mod

This adds UUNP Breast Weight Paints to Long Hairs and this means no more breast clipping through long hair during animations.
The hair is effected by Mods that increase the weight of Female Skeleton Breast Nodes such as Being Female.

Permissions and credits

Picture by Gamefever
KS Hairdos Renewal by Kalillies, Steathic Khaos, and Shocky
Breast Weight Painted by Gamefever

In this FAQ the further you read the more you ask the question. WHY?  WHY hasn't this happened BEFORE?
Question: Which Hairs?
Answer: All hairs that are covering the mammary glands.
Question: So like how many?
Answer: Like around 362 of them.
Question: How long did it take you to make this here mod?
Answer: It took Meshrigger 5 days of weight painting on a single thread of my computer.
Question: Uh What? Why? Whats this do...?
Answer: During Animations hair is normally completely static and thus clips with mammary glands breaking the suspension of disbelief in video games.  This weight paint allows the hair to move with the mammary glands and thus no clipping.
Question: I have HDT Hairs version.  Why I need this?
Answer: HDT Hairs version can get erm the scientific term is "wonky."
Question: Is it compatible with HDT Hairs?
Answer: Yes you can still use them.
Question: So this is good for female NPC's that use long hair?
Answer: That's a statement.
Question: Will this react poorly with too many HDT effects like HDTtest Earring alongside my other HDT items?
Answer: Nope, this works off of the breast weight paints not HDT special effects...This mod is very compatible.
Question: Did you re-size the hairs?
Answer: Heck no, there are 750 hair files in the pack, each has like a low/high thing for one hair.
Question: Is this compatible with mods like Being Female or Other Mods that increase the Female Skeleton Breast Nodes?
Answer: Absolutely!
Question: Will you fix issues from the original mod with this?
Answer: Heck no, Im not certain you understand that I automated this mod while working on other mods that I released this week.
Question: Well I've seen it, its awesome why not other Hairs from other popular packs?
Answer: Permission Armor. 
Question: This sounds like a sex mod.
Answer: Its purely a coincidence, that it enhances your experience with all animation mods...Get your head out of the gutter.
Question: Do I have to have a specific body or Do I have to use breast weight painted bodies?
Answer: This file works with all bodies even static G-Rated Vanilla Game Bodies as long as end user has 'Full Bounce Kit' like the one in the Optional Downloads Section.

Question: More Hairs Please?

Installation Instructions
Install the original mod
Overwrite it with the File Package found here
A FemaleSkeleton such as XP32 Maximum Skeleton may be needed

Stealthic Khaos