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Exterior house in the Tamriel worldspace with space for 6 kids (optional), 2-5 followers, and displays for all unique items (also optional). Compatible with Frostfall.

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Now available for Skyrim Special Edition!

Thank you to everyone who endorsed, voted, donated, made videos or left kind guys are AWESOME!  :)

Cliffside Cottage is a medium sized, multiple-adoption friendly exterior home located east of Whiterun.  The gate key is in a knapsack hanging inside the stable, and there are a couple of spare keys inside the house.  Requires all DLC.  If you are using any weather mod other than Purity or Pure Weathers, then you will need Real Shelter by ThreeTen to keep it from raining inside the house - vanilla weathers and Purity/Pure Weathers will work without Real Shelter.


     - The house (excluding the basement) is located in the Tamriel worldspace, so there are no loading screens

     - You can click on the gate key in your inventory to re-lock the front gate

     - The front door closes automatically, so your kids won't leave it open

     - Interior and exterior lights turn on at night and off during the day

     - Compatible with Frostfall

     - All vanilla crafting stations, a staff enchanter, an oven and a chopping block

     - Lots of named storage

     - 7 Hearthfire planting soils

     - Beds for 6 kids or 3 followers

     - 10 bookshelves

     - Bathtub with auto-strip for NPCs

     - Small attic with an additional follower bed

     - Armory (in the basement) with 28 mannequins, 20 shield racks, 11 dagger display cases and 93 weapon racks (optional)

     - Gallery (in the basement) with displays for all of the unique items (optional)

     - Vampire coffin in the basement (optional)

     - Follower's quarters (in the basement) with 2 beds, a kitchen and a bathtub

     - Stable with space for 2 horses

     - Cleaned with TESVEdit

Thank you Hodilton!

And Svaalbard!

And TheWorldofRipX!

And DonProtein!


     - If the main (exterior) version causes you too much lag, there is an interior version of the mod that moves the interior of the
        house into it's own cell.  These versions do not have the see-through windows, but are much easier on FPS.

     - There are activators throughout the house that allow you to change some options - they look like either hanging wall baskets (in the main house) or
        buttons (in the basement).  There is one just inside the kids room that will allow you to change it into a followers room instead.  The buttons at
        the gallery and armory doorways will allow you to disable/enable those two rooms independently.  The button in the "pantry" area of the basement
        will enable/disable a vampire coffin.  There is also an activator near the front door that will disable some of the clutter in/around the house, if
        your FPS is suffering (exterior versions only). 

     - When you first visit the house, the automatic lights may not turn on the first night.  Just give it 24 hours, and they will work properly.

     - The stable roof does not block rain.  For some reason, I couldn't get the trigger box there to work - maybe because it's located right on the
        boundary of the cell.

     - If you tell your kids to "go play outside", they will attempt to go out of the gate and over by the stables to play.  This is because the adoptions
        scripts require the "sandbox outside" marker to be in a different cell than the "interior" of the house.  So, if you want to tell them to go play
        outside, make sure the gate is unlocked for them.  They will still also sandbox and play hide and seek inside the walls of the property.

     - The display activators in the gallery were either pulled from or created based off of those in skyrimlazz's Displays - Dragon Claw and others
        resource.  As noted on his mod's page, weapons and armor will lose their smithing upgrades when put in a display, so maybe don't put them in here
        until you're done using them.

     - The gallery is set up for the way I wanted to display my collection.  Some unique weapons and armor are meant for specific mannequins and
        weapon racks and therefore don't have activators.  Of course, you can put your stuff wherever you like, but I have included a list as an optional
        download for anyone who wants to see how everything fits.  (The gallery displays are set up mostly the same as Pinecrest Estate and Birchwood
        Manor, but I rearranged a couple mannequins, added some banners and moved the Thieves Guild displays to their own little room.)

     - Screenshots were taken with Vividian ENB and Skyrim HD - 2K Textures installed

Known Compatible Mods:

     - Purity

     - Pure Weathers

     - TPOS Ultimate edition (but you might need to clear out some bandits)

     - Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions

     - Frostfall

Known Incompatible Mods:

     - Emily the Silent Avenger

     - Any other mod that adds to cell (20, -8)


      Download either the exterior or the interior version in the main files section.  If you use either vanilla weathers or Purity/Pure Weathers, you do not need Real Shelter or the Real Shelter patch to keep it from raining inside the house.  If you use any other weather mod (CoT, Vivid Weathers, ELFX weathers, NLVA, etc), then you will need Real Shelter and my Real Shelter patch under optional files.


     jet4571 (for the building kit)
     skyrimlazz (for the scripts used for the gallery displays)
     M3rvin (for the light switch script and tutorial)
     Ac3s (for the auto-strip script and tutorial)
     DarkFox127 (for the weather-clipping script tutorial)
     Orin_linwe (for the static-switching script and tutorial)
     CD Projekt