Amazing Female Armor Redesigns by Zalzama
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Added: 20/11/2011 - 08:43AM
Updated: 08/01/2012 - 10:25PM

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Last updated at 22:25, 8 Jan 2012 Uploaded at 8:43, 20 Nov 2011

Amazing Female Armor Redesigns offers several Armor Improvements:
More Revealing, Deadlier, or just plain simple Amazing!

Highly Recommended to be used with:

Revealing Redesigns:
Recommended to be installed first and includes the most Redesigns.

More Revealing Redesigns:

Replaces the normal Revealing Redesigns

Non-Revealing Redesigns:
These work with non-human characters as well.

Alternative Versions:
Different Colors/Alternative Redesigns

Pro Tip: Download everything and install the ones you want!

Currently Available:

Daedric Armor
Ebony Armor
Glass Armor
Nocturnal Robes
Orcish Armor
Wolf Armor
Dragonplate/DragonScale Replacer
Steel/Iron/Iron Banded Replacer

Customer Testimonial:

Ozi27: The best and the only female armor mod i use

Xecara: Beaut stuff mate! Thank you :D

rugame23: Some of the best outfits available. Your work really rocks.

EpicFail3010: Omfg yes! AWESOME DUDE!

stabilobossyellow: Very nice. Many thanks.

Rennn: Awesome.

Famous Nord: Dis Armor Mod is da best in Life!

danne18: Thx for this amasing armor skins^^

xerrolavengerii: I AM SOOO DOWNLOADING THIS!!! NOW!!!

Sauron: Now the females finally will look hot, while I send em flying!

concepts2a: Armor looks awesomw...

(some of those are actually people, amazing!)