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This mod drastically reduces the amount of gold that merchants will give you for your loot, as well as altering prices proportionally to merchants' base gold. So a merchant that has 1000 gold will give you twice as much as one with 500. And if you Invest in them or have the Master Trader perk, more still!

Permissions and credits
This mod's primary purpose is to drastically reduce the amount of gold merchants will give you for your loot. I always found it vaguely irritating that past a certain point you can take the loot from a single dungeon and completely strip a large town of all its available gold, and not even come close to selling off all your swag. This mod makes this much less of an issue!

In addition, this mod also alters sell prices based on the merchants' base gold. At the default setting, an item that you would normally sell for 1000 gold will sell for 10% of the merchants base gold. (There's a somewhat easier setting that doubles the sell prices, so that 1000 gold item will get you 20% of the base gold instead!) So 100 gold from a blacksmith, 80 from a general goods store (I know, it should be 75, but the CK requires a bit of rounding here and there,) 50 from a magic shop and 10 from an innkeeper. This mod also takes into account Speech perks that alter merchants' base gold. So that 1000 gold item will get you 150 gold from a blacksmith you've invested in, and 250 gold once you've gotten the Master Trader perk as well. This means you'd have to be able to sell an item for at least 10 gold before any merchant will give you even a single gold coin for it. 

Percentile Mercantile also works with the Thieves' Guild Fences, and their buy pries will go up proportionally as their gold totals increase.

There are a few (randomly generated) merchants in the game that this mod won't automatically affect. See the Troubleshooting section for details.

I think it's worth mentioning here, to avoid confusion, that this mod takes effect after all other alterations to sell price such as Speech skill, perks, other mods, etc. For example, say you had 20 Speech and were selling a Dwarven breastplate, with a base value of 400, to a blacksmith. In the vanilla game, you would get 131 gold for that item, meaning that you would get a mere 13 gold from that same blacksmith with Percentile Mercantile active. Suddenly the 300 gold reward you got for the quest that sent you into those Dwarven ruins is looking pretty good, eh?

Hopefully, this mod will encourage more exploration, crafting, and help a sense of immersion by having wealthier merchants give up more gold for your loot. Particularly in the early levels, it will make you feel like you had to fight for everything you buy. And even in the later levels, gold should be far more difficult to come by. Overall, I just hope it gives you more of a sense of accomplishment for your hoard, since you had to work so much harder to get it!

Required Files:

*Percentile Mercantile builds off of several of the fixes provided by USLEEP (and my plan is to keep it updated for any new, salient fixes that they add in the future.) If for whatever reason you can't/really don't want to use USLEEP, you can use the Creation Kit or Tes5Edit or something similar to remove USLEEP from the required masters and Percentile Mercantile should still work, for the most part. A handful of merchants will no longer be affected by the mod, but there are some simple console commands that will fix them. See 'Console Fixes' in the Troubleshooting section below for details.


No particularly special instructions here. Simply use Nexus Mod Manager, or download manually and extract to the Data folder in your Skyrim folder. Once it's installed, enter the game, go to the Mod Configuration Menu, choose Percentile Mercantile and click "Activate Mod." Activating will take several seconds, at which point the configuration options will appear (few of them as there are!)

It can take some time (up to several minutes) for this mod to register with MCM. Clicking "Activate Mod" before this point will display the "ACTIVATING MOD" message, but then nothing will happen. There aren't any negative effects for doing so, but don't be alarmed if you try to activate and this happens. Give it a couple of minutes and try again and you should be good to go. (Point of fact, I've found that hitting "Activate Mod" can kind of kick-start the process and make the mod register faster...but that could just be wishful thinking on my part.)


None of my testing indicates that uninstalling Percentile Mercantile from a save game that was using it will have an adverse effect on that game, or indeed any effect at all. You can use Nexus Mod Manager to uninstall/delete the mod, or manually delete PercentileMercantile.esp from the Data folder, and then go into Scripts and then Source and delete all .pex and .psc files named HM_PMMenu and ones that have the HMPM prefix.

Of course, you should always take care in completely purging a mod from a saved game. There's always a possibility, however slight, of unexpected consequences. If you don't like what Percentile Mercantile does, or would just like to turn it off for awhile, I advise just clicking "Deactivate Mod" in the configuration menu. That will stop it with no risks whatsoever.


I made this mod to be as non-intrusive and compatible as possible. Most of what it does is accomplished through perks and factions. The only scripted bits are the Configuration Menu and the mechanism for the Investor perk. So you should be able to plop it at the bottom of your load order, activate it and forget about it.

If you do have another mod that involves the basic mechanisms of the Investor perk, it's possible that there could be a conflict, and that merchants you invest in won't change their buy prices, or be affected in other ways. My first suggestion would be to deactivate and then reactivate the mod after you Invest. This might clear up the problem. Otherwise, check out the Console fixes in the Troubleshooting section for some other possible solutions.


Note that for a lot of these issues, I'm going to point down to the Console Fixes section. So you might just skip ahead down there to see if it sounds like that might solve your problem.

I'm clicking "Activate Mod" and nothing is happening!

As noted above in the Installing/Activating section, it can sometimes take several minutes for the mod to register in MCM. Wait until you see the "MCM has registered (1) new menu(s)" message in the upper left corner of the screen and try again. But don't worry, clicking "Activate Mod" before the menu has registered has no negative effects.

I have a mod that adds new merchants to the game. Will Percentile Mercantile work on them?

Sadly, not initially, no. Making this mod, compatibility and non-intrusiveness were my watchwords, and in light of that the mod only works automatically on the merchants added by the base game and the expansions. The exceptions are your spouse, if they open a shop, and any Fences added to the game. As long as they're in the PlayerMarriedFaction or the JobFenceFaction, respectively, they should work with no extra effort on your part.

For other new merchants, go on down to the Console Fixes below...a simple command should bring them into the fold.

I found a base game merchant that isn't affected by Percentile Mercantile!

Ah. You've most likely stumbled upon the proverbial elephant in the room. Yes, there are a few merchants that are not automatically included in Percentile Mercantile's changes. These are the randomly generated Hunters, Peddlers, Skooma Dealers and what have you that you meet in the wilderness, and the Quartermasters of the Imperial and Stormcloak camps.

I am working on a fix for the Quartermasters and hope to have them included soon. Until then, opening the console, clicking on them and typing "AddtoFaction xx005905 0" without quotes, and where 'xx' is Percentile Mercantile's place in the load order, will make their buy prices fall in line.

Hopefully whatever technique I find for the Quartermasters will work for the wilderness merchants as well, but they are admittedly a lower priority, as none of them have more than about 100 gold. However, if you come across one and you'd like them to be included, their console command should be "AddtoFaction xx005901 0"

If you come across any other base game merchants who aren't working properly, please let me know. It's possible that I missed somebody, or there might be some other problem. Check Console Fixes below to get a fix until I can identify the issue and perhaps address it in an update.

I've invested in this merchant, but his buy prices haven't increased!

As noted above in the Compatibility section, the most likely problem is that you have another mod that in some way changes the mechanism of the Investor perk, and this has resulted in a conflict. Once you've invested in the merchant, deactivate and then reactivate the mod, and see if that doesn't cause their buy prices to go up.

If that doesn't solve the issue, or you don't have any mods that could cause such a conflict, let me know. It's possible there was an oversight I need to address. And check the Console Fixes, there should be a command that will provide a fix.

I have the Master Trader perk, but this merchant's buy prices haven't changed!

Check their gold total. There are a very few merchants in the game that aren't affected by Master Trader, and their buy prices won't go up with the perk either. If their gold total has increased but their buy prices didn't, let me know and I'll see if there's a problem with the mod.

Console Fixes

Let's pull back the curtain on how Percentile Mercantile functions. When it's activated, a series of perks are assigned to the Player, and a series of factions are assigned to all the merchants in the game, based on their Base Amount of gold. The perks react to these factions, and prices are adjusted accordingly. There's a bit more to it, but that's it in a nutshell. Here is a list of the factions and perks, along with their Form IDs (the 'xx' should be replaced with Mercantile Percentile's place in your load order) and a short description:


HMVendorGold100                       xx005901                      For merchants with 100 base gold (or less.)
HMVendorGold400                       xx005902                      For merchants with 400 gold.
HMVendorGold500                       xx005903                      For merchants with 500 gold.
HMVendorGold750                       xx005904                      For merchants with 750 gold.
HMVendorGold1000                     xx005905                      For merchants with 1000 gold.

HMVendorGoldMTNull                  xx005906                       This perk is only given to those rare merchant who are unaffected by the Master Trader Perk.
                                                                                      It prevents their buy prices from increasing once the Perk has been unlocked.

HMVendorGoldPerk100                xx005907                       This reacts to all merchants in the HMVendorGold100 faction
HMVendorGoldPerk400                xx005908                       Like above, but with the HMVendorGold400 faction
HMVendorGoldPerk500                xx047E6C                       HMVendorGold500 faction
HMVendorGoldPerk750                xx047E6E                       HMVendorGold750 faction
HMVendorGoldPerk1000              xx047E6F                       HMVendorGold1000 faction

It's worth noting that there are a couple of special perks that apply to Spouses (that weren't merchants before being married) and Fences. These work off of the PlayerMarriedFaction and JobMerchantFence factions respectively, rather than the new factions above. So a new character added by a mod should work automatically, as long as they're in these factions. 

So if there's a new merchant, or a base merchant that for some reason isn't working properly, opening the console, clicking on them and typing "AddtoFaction <faction> 0" should get them working properly. Don't include the quotes, and choose the faction that best matches their base gold amount.     

Make sure that any given NPC is only in one of these factions at a time. The change to buy prices is multiplicative, so if a merchant ends up in two factions somehow, their buy prices will be reduced to the point that they'll likely give you nothing for anything you offer them. If an NPC does end up in two factions, using the console as above but typing "RemoveFromFaction <faction>" should remove them from one of them.

When it comes to using the Investor Perk, the Mod functions by changing the invested-in merchants rank in their faction from 0 to 1. Note that the Mod only recognizes those two ranks for all the factions. A rank different than 0 or 1 will cause the mod not to work with that NPC. So if you have a new merchant that can be invested in, or a base merchant's investing mechanics aren't working properly, clicking them in the console and typing "SetFactionRank <faction> 1" should make their buy price rise accordingly.