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Here, in a continuing effort to sex-ah-mi-fy Skyrim, is Sexy Towns and Villages

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NOTE: Uploaded Ver. 2.0! Toned down roof color and changed riverstones (I ended up hating them) to a more rustic flagstone look! Screenshots reflect new look. I left the original Ver 1.0 up for people who like the darker roofs and riverstone!

Here, in a continuing effort to sex-ah-mah-fy Skyrim, is Sexy Towns and Villages. This is meant as a companion piece for the following mods:

Sexy Solitude v1
Sexy Whiterun v3.1
Sexy Windhelm v2
Sexy Riften
Sexy Winterhold College
Sexy Boats

Bethesda took the easy way out in texturing the smaller locales in Skyrim by sticking all of their textures under one folder titled "Farmhouse". Seeing as how I thought all of these towns looked really washed out and dingy, I decided to give them all a facelift. In a perfect world, I'd have been able to adjust colors according to climate, but, sadly, it can't be done (at least until the CK).

This mod effects virtually EVERY town/village - ie; Falkreath, Riverwood, Dawnstar, Morthal, etc.

Note #1: I keep reading comments as to how the name "Sexy" is misleading. I apologize, but I'm just weird like that and the name makes me snicker. Also, "Better" was taken.

Note #2: that things like blacksmith gear, workbenches, barrels, firewood, and other stuff are all considered "clutter" and I will be working on those when I finish all of the cities/locations with my Sexy Clutter mod.

Like with my Riften and Winterhold mods, this is less about saturation and more about full-on retexturing. Textures are 90% new, and most are 1024x1024, but compressed in terms of file size so they shouldn't give your system too much of a fight!

So What's New?

New Wood Textures - New walkways, new doors, new trim, new everything.

New Thatched Roofs - I thought that the roofs in game looked as though they were constructed by savages, so I used images of period Irish (I'm Irish so nyah!) houses with
thatched roofs and created new, cleaner textures that aren't as ratty and are a bit warmer and more inviting. I also redid the interior ceiling texture to match.

New Stone - New stone walkways, new river stone foundations based on old Irish mud huts, and new slate roof tiles for guard towers, etc.

Assorted Color Boosts - Darkened up some bits, lightened up others, and gave a few things, like Ivy, more vibrance.

As always, I make these textures for fun and my own personal enjoyment. If you like them, awesome! If not, sorry, can't please everyone! If you like how Skyrim looks as it is, more power to you.

If you use and enjoy this mod, please endorse me! It'd be much appreciated!

Install Notes

USE Nexus Mod Manager or download and "farmhouse" folder in .zip to Skyrim/Data/Textures/Architecture (if you don't have an architecture folder, make one!)

To uninstall, delete "Farmhouse" folder from Skyrim/Data/Textures/Architecture