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An Oblivion-style Priory near Riverwood!

Permissions and credits
White River Priory
*Major Update: A Chapel has been added, as well as more monks and their AI packages!*

This is a new player home I've been working on, on-and-off. It is a little plain, and I'm giving permission to people who would like to spruce it up a bit. I've used Castle Volkihar architecture with Whiterun textures to accurately recreate the Priories from the Elder Scrolls; Oblivion!

It doesn't come with much, but it has plenty of storage and weapons displays. For a warrior, priest, mage, what have you, this home could work out. No quest, no keys, just made as-is. The home is located on the roads north of Riverwood, on the winding path leading your way to Bleak Falls Barrow, on the hill overlooking the river and Whiterun.

Listed amenities:
- 4 follower/children beds (other mods required to get them to use it as a home)
- Several weapon racks and plaques
- Unique static meshes, including a privy mirror and baby Ideal Master crystal
- Many storage chests
- Familiar floorplan to Oblivion priories
It doesn't come with NPC's, as it is meant to serve as a home to the Dragonborn and their followers. But a future update with them might be possible!

I mean, it looks real nice, right? I really do miss those Priories.

In the additional Monks file, the monks will now use the chapel, as well as visit Riverwood now and then!

Requires: Skyrim, Update, Dawnguard
Conflicts: Anything editing the northern end of the RiverwoodPath cell.
- It will most certainly conflict with Ebonvale Settlement, unfortunately. 
All else is vanilla decoration for a very small file size!

For the AS-LAL optional file:
Whiterun Priory
AS-LAL by Arthmoor
AS-LAL start plugin

Ver. 1.1 up; includes a map marker for fast travel (I had forgotten, my apologies), and some chickens on the side!
Ver. 1.2 is up; adds crafting stations and a bedroom balcony! Also no more wolves.
Ver. 1.3 but still called 1.2; Added a chapel!