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Pack of 6 unique historicaly accurate weapons from Skallagrim's collection.

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Available for Xbox on
Port by Brwnlee
Port by Tarshana's team
Available for Skyrim SE by Hilli1 here.

Pack of 7 unique arms from the collection of a werebear weapon collector and historical martial arts
  enthusiast, Skallagrim. All meshes and textures are hand crafted from scratch. All weapons come in one-
  handed and two-handed versions (well except the Lowlander, because there is no way how to use that 
  humongous blade one-haded). All weapons are craftable, upgradable, enchantable and added to leveled

Tradicional weapon of several families from northern skyrim holds based on grave effigies of long-gone nordic
  see raiders. Sturdy assembly with pommel and guard hammered on the blade with wooden core handle wraped
  in leather.
  1H - High-end craftsmanship and perfectly balanced, which allows for faster swings and sharper edge than
  standart steel sword. 
  2H - Superior to standart steel greatsword due to its light weight construction and fast well balanced handling.

  Steel smithing section. 3 steel ingots and 1 leather strip for one-handed. 4 steel ingots and 3 leather strips for

Manufactured by: Albion Swords

Crafted by orcish smiths in case on undead apocalypse. Resilient to wear and corrosion, hardened, thick a
  practicaly indestructible blade, designed to chop of undead heads and cut deeply into their flesh.

  1H - Slightly shorter than orcish swords and slower but massive blade delivers powerfull strikes. As heavy as it
  2H - Crushing damage but with big reach disadvantage. Long handle allows for some  maneuverability of this
  weighty blade.

  Orcish smithing section. 4 orichalcum ingots and 2 leather strips for one-handed. 6 orichalcum ingots and 4
  leather strips for two-handed.

Manufactured by: Zombie Tools

One of the oldest evidences of dwemer existence found in Tutankhamun's tomb by imperial excavation group.
  Lacks the typical dwemer blade design dating it to the age of ancient origins of the dwemers. Rather soft
  unhardened blade made from dwemer metal with hammered edge.

  1H - Lighter and more simplified than later dwemer weapons. Hardened edge allows for suprisingly good cuts.
  2H - Less masive lighter blade than later dwemer greatswords. Single edged and designed for cutting.

  Dwarven smithing section. 2 dwarven ingots and 1 firewood for one-handed. 3 dwarven ingots and 1 firewood
  for two-handed.

Manufactured by: Neil Burridge

Sword and tool at once used to cut vegetation, chop wood, skin animals and defend imperial expeditions into
  Valenwood. Unusual blade shape causes the edge to cut deeply into flesh causing terrifying bleeding wounds.
  Brutally effective againts unarmored opponents and deeply hated by Bosmer inhabitants.

  1H - Powerful chopper with thick blade spine.
  2H - Rather thick blade with great cutting power.

  Elven smithing section. 1 moonstone ingot, 1 quicksilver ingot and 1 firewood for one-handed. 2 moonstone
  ingots, 1 quicksilver ingot and 1 firewood for two-handed.

Manufactured by: Himalayan Imports

Single edged cutting dedicated sword with additional side guard, called the nail, and wooden grip. Very agile
  and extremly powerful cutter. Skallagrim's favorite. Imperial legion was forced to reinforce their soldiers
  helmets after scary reports from battlefields as this blade is capable of cleaving helmets in half and cutting
  of limbs.

  1H - More agile and faster than many other steel swords and feels light in the hand.
  2H - Fast and capable of massive damage to both armored and unarmored targets.

  Steel smithing section. 2 steel ingots, and 2 leather strips for one-handed. 3 steel ingots, and 3 leather strips
  for two-handed.

Manufactured by: Albion Swords

Developed by Imperial legion to even out the reach advantage of enemy spearmen. Humongous greatsword
  capable of crushing its way through armor and shields alike with long wood core leather wraped handle and
  additional side rings to the guard. It also makes for a good dragon toothpick.

  2H - Extreme reach and monstrous damage come with drawbacks. The greatsword is rather unwieldy and
  slow in movement.
  (This blade is as long as a well grown orc. There is just no way you could wield it one-handed.)
  Steel smithing section. 6 steel ingots, and 6 leather strips for two-handed.

Manufactured by: Hanwei

Versatile combination of axe blade, spear point and hammer head creates slashing, stabing and crushing
  weapon of long-handled destruction. Favored mainly by those of Imperial knights who prefer face to face
  combat over mounted charge.

  2H - Just a little more swith than a standart steel battleaxe.
  (2H only because let's face it, no matter how much martial proves your Dragonborn has, controlling 1,7 meter
  long pole axe with one hand is impossible.)

  Steel smithing section. 4 steel ingots, 2 leather strips and 2 firewood.

Manufactured by: Arms & Armor

Optional files:

  • Standalone 2k and 1k textures
  • PerMa compatibility patch - Weapon names have been modified so Patchus Maximus can recognize them. Use "overwrite" in Nexus Mod Manager or "merge" in Mod Organizer.

1.01 - Changed scale of Khukuri, Khopesh and Cleaver according to Skallagrim's feedback. Fixed speed of
  Reaver Cleaver. Tweaked textures to get rid of "paper cut-out" look.

Credits and thanks:

To my girlfriend for testing and psychic support. I couldn't done it without you.
To Skallagrim for allowing me to publish this file and for years of amusing and interesting content.

To Albion Swords, Zombie Tools, Neil Burridge, Himalayan Imports, Arms & Armor and Hanwei who manufactured the
  originals I recreated.

Video from the owner, Skallagrim himself!

Have fun ending your oponents rightly!