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Eldrich Battery is a mod that aims towards improving magic early game by making magicka less of a limited resource.

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This mod will be ported to consoles when Skyrim: Enhanced Edition is released.


Eldritch Battery is a mod that aims towards improving magic early game by making magicka less of a limited resource. Many modern RPGs are moving away from the traditional magicka/mana pools and instead aims to focus on cooldowns or fast regeneration. Eldritch Battery attempts to find a middle ground between the two.

1 - What it does
2 - MCM-settings
3 - Comparability and requirements
4 - Analysis
5 - Install/Uninstall
6 - Detailed information


1. What it does:

The player is given an ability that grants a massive boosts Magicka Regeneration. This boosts ends when the player takes damage or casts a spell and goes into a cooldown. Casting spells or taking damage resets the cooldown. The regeneration boost becomes active once the player has avoided both getting hit and casting spells.
However, while the boost is inactive, Magicka Regeneration is reduced. Magicka regeneration enchants also increases the boost granted by Eldritch Battery.

Eldritch Battery enables heavy use of magic early game, without having to rely on staves, scrolls and potions (you'll still need them on occations).

Wearing light or heavy armour reduces the chance of the boost going into cooldown when taking hits, while also lessens the Boost Effect provided by Eldritch Battery. A fully armoured player doesn't lose the boost when hit by an attack, at the cost of the bonus being only half as effective. Leveling up your armor skill will eventually allow you to reach the full bonus. Also, helmets provide hit protection but doesn't cause any boost penalty, allowing you to wear priest masks.

Blocking attacks also prevents the boost from going into cooldown.

Short Demo video (skip to 0:58 to see the effect in action)


2. MCM-settings

The Mod configuration menu allows you to adjust the cooldown time, as well as the game setting "Combat Magicka Regen multiplier". Your total magicka regeneration is multiplied by this value when in combat. If you feel like the boost is too high or too low, you can adjust this setting.
You also have the option to disable the mod temporary or uninstall it completely.


3. Compatability and requirements:

Eldritch Battery is designed to be compatible with everything and doesn't require any DLC.
It does require the latest Skyrim update as well as SkyUI and SKSE.


4. Analysis after a playthrough with the mod installed:

Eldritch Battery is most noticeable during the early stages of the game, when potions, scrolls and staves are scarce. A Warrior can still swing his sword even if he is out of stamina, and Archers have arrows with zero weight which are much cheaper than mana potions. A mage have a very limited pool of magicka and can't do anything when it runs out except for waiting. And this is where EB shines; it drastically reduces the waiting, allowing you to get back into the action quicker. Some notable fights are the last boss in Bleakfalls Barrow and the first dragon. Playing on harder difficulties, these mobs are a death sentence if they hit you, and neither goes down after your initial burst of magic. As always when a fragile mage runs out of magicka, running and hiding is the only option until your magicka has regenerated enough to allow you to cast one more spell. Rinse and repeat. The same is true whit EB installed; you do have to run around if you run out of magicka. However, EB's magicka boost reduces the amount of time you have to wait before you can cast spells again.
As you get to the later stages in the game and achieve stronger spells and high regeneration gear, the effect of EB fades out and becomes more of a tool to quickly regain magicka between fights.


Install with whatever modding tool you are using, or drop the contents of the zip-file into your Skyrim folder.

Press the uninstall button in the MCM-menu, and then remove the mod from your load order.


6. Detailed information (optional read, contains numbers):

Eldritch Battery actually boosts the players Base Magicka Rate, where 1 point correlates to 1% magicka restored/second. In vanilla, this value is 3. Eldritch Battery increases this to 20 while the boost is active, and reduces it to 2 when the boost is inactive. This makes magicka regenerate about 33% slower if the boost is inactive.
Magicka Regeneration effects granted from potions, perks and enchantments is directly multiplied with Base Magicka Rate, meaning that with 200% bonus magicka regeneration, you'll restore 60% of your magicka/second if the boost is active.

Wearing armor reduces the boost as mentioned above. Heavy armour suffers a slightly bigger penalty than light armour. Full details on how armour works can be seen below:

Type     |     Slot     |     Penalty |Hit protection chance | Skill Level to cancel penalty

Heavy    |    Chest    |    6    |    50    |    60
Heavy    |    Helm    |    -    |    20    |    --
Heavy    |    Gloves    |    2    |    15    |    45
Heavy    |    Boots    |    2    |    15    |    30

Light    |    Chest    |    5    |    50    |    50
Light    |    Helm    |    -    |    20    |    --
Light    |    Gloves    |    1.5    |    15    |    40
Light    |    Boots    |    1.5    |    15    |    30