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This gives a more divine and godly look to Auriel's bow as it should have always been.

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- Lowered the intensity of the glow so that hopefully it can be more viable in first person.
- Added a golden version.

- The bow can now be seen on the pedestal before picking it up the first time.
- Added light source to the weapon.

initial release.

When i first saw Auriel's Bow, i was quite disappointed. It reminded me of a basic elven bow. As Serana said: "I expected it to be more shiny." My exact same thoughts.
Hell even the daedric weapon dawnbreaker looks more divine than this.
I like the original design itself but it missed the whole godly look.

So i made it glow white and added a bigger dawnbreaker glow effect and voila.

Now i know that Auriel is proud of me :D

I don't use enbs. i hate enbs. so much. But i respect anyone's decision to use one so tell me enb users how it looks. If it is too bright or shiny, i will make a enb version too and make it less glowy.

If you look closely the images shown, there is a faint black outline that surrounds the weapon. i've been having this glitch in awhile and have searched for a fix but in vain. If anyone has a fix or some info, let me know.

Dawnguard DLC

Extract the contents of the file in the Skyrim main folder.

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