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The Blue Palace courtyard illuminated at night. Also includes stained glass lanterns.

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This mod adds new lights to the Blue Palace Courtyard and at night, bathes it in blue light.
There are also new stained glass lanterns under the arches and around the courtyard and entrance.
The front facade of the palace is also lit up at night.
The light is provided by Skyrim sorcery and Dwemer technology.
All the lights and lanterns are on a timer and come on and switch off automatically.

Lighthouse glow above the palace roof.
Stained glass Lanterns.
Illuminated statues.
Dwemer technology light sources.
Magical light sources.
Automatic timed lights which come on at 6PM and switch off at 7am

I built this mod around Better Blue Palace Courtyard and without it, my mod will look weird.
Better Blue Palace courtyard is not a required master but you will have to install it to make my mod look correct.
Whilst you can use my mod on its own, it absolutely needs the Better Blue Palace courtyard mod to look as intended.
Here is the link

Install normally with a mod manager or drop the files into your Data folder.

If you use DynDoLod, exclude Blue Palace Nights when running it.  This is because the "Fake Lights" option will result in massive illuminated spheres around the Blue Palace when viewed from afar.  This mod should be compatible with Public Bathouse, Legacy Of The Dragonborn, Solitude Reborn, JK Solitude and Dawn Of Solitude.  I have only tested Solitude reborn and Dawn Of Skyrim and those two are fine. Let me know in the comments if the others work or not.

There is an optional download for Skyrim Special Edition Open Cities available. This file requires Open Cities and SSE and will not work without it.
Thanks to ShockLizard for supplying the file, Nice one!

This mod contains scripts and scripted mods should not be uninstalled mid-game.
If you do uninstall, clean your save afterwards using save tool cleaner.

You cannot share, charge, re-use, re-upload or re-distribute this mod without my permission.
You are not allowed to upload this mod onto Steam.
This mod contains resources from other authors and you must obtain their permission before re-sharing them.

Credits to MikeyNexus for the Stained Glass resources who kindly gave me permission to use his lanterns.

Credits to ShockLizard who made the SSE Open Cities Version.


Sometimes the lights are on or off when they shouldn't be?
The script that controls the lights runs when you are in the cell, so fast travelling and coc'ing  into the cell can cause the lights to not switch on/off correctly. Set timescale has a similar problem.  To fix it, wait in game until the next switching on/switching off time.

When do the lights switch on/off?
The lights come on at 6 P.M. and switch off at 7 A.M.

Yes. This mod has been cleaned in TES5EDIT

How can you increase lights view distance?
If you want to be able to see night lights from further away, adjust your ini's as follows. There's a bit of a performance hit but it's negligible.



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