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Play as the blood elves in the world of Skyrim!

Permissions and credits
:: Sylvanas Series ::
This is a slightly redone version of the Sylvanas Playable Race mod. The only reason this is not stuck in under that mod page is I could not figure out a clean way to have the information for both as this mod differs just a little bit more than the retexture. If you would prefer to play as Sylvanas instead you may find the mod here

:: Update ::
Apparently some people would like to see male blood elves, if I see enough people are interested in this I could probably make this happen. However, it would also increase the mods needed for this which I try to keep to a minimum :P. So if you would like to see this as well feel free to post in the comments to let me know. Also I will be retexturing the Fangs of Kalecgros to better match her armor.

Note: This is the Release version of the mod, however I do expect there to be bugs that I have yet to have found. Please report bugs as soon as possible. As with all custom races, this race could have issues with werewolf and vampires. Some Helmet's / Hats will not look correct due to how her hair is setup. I don't have a forseeable fix for this, but most helmets I could see people using with this would probably be okay.

:: Lore ::
"After the war on Dreanor and with the soon to come Legion invasion Sylvanas finds her self in a tuff position. The Forsaken that she has lost in the past few wars is starting to become a problem and she fears for her people. With the recent discoverys of the time traveling dimensional skipping gate, and her own agents secretly working with dark magic she finds a possible answer to her problem. She sets her eyes on Tamriels dead whom have no leaders, and of course plenty of people to turn to her side as well. With that she travels through the portal, a journey that only a undead could make the toll was immense. She has arrived, but not fully whole. Her magical prowess is deminished from the journey, her magical items and armor gone, perhaps destroyed or perhaps just misplaced its hard to tell when magic is concerned. Her physical condition is also weakened, but it matters not. She stands over a young figure, dressed only in the robe which had somehow survived the journey. She would kill the dragon born and take his place, she is a banshee after all. Vocal talents are her specialty. She looms over the young Dragon Born asleep in bed, this is where her journey begins and this one will be the first to serve her cause..." Or so she claims this to be her mission, however we have been sent as scouts to keep a ever watchful eye over Sylvanas as you can never tell what she may do...

:: Installation ::
SeveNBase Body
Real Girls Realistic Body Texture
Fair Skin Complexion
XP32 Maximum Skeleton
Note: The textures may not be 100% needed, but if you want her to look like the picture you will need it.

1. Install the above Mods, along with this one.
2. Create a new Character. 
IMPORTANT: Do not change or modify any of her features, this could cause her ears to disappear or other problems and you will need to start again.
3. Select Female, than go to race and select Blood Elves
4. If you want her eyebrows that stick out, go over to sculpt in the racemenu than import head, import the Sylvanas one. Otherwise if you just want regular brows you can skip this step.
5. Complete the character setup, name her and you is done.
6. ???
7. Profit

NOTE: SeveNBase installs some REALLY girly running and walking animations if you want the regular animations back go to data\meshes\actors\character\animations\female\ and delete all the HKX files.

:: Blood Elf Abilities ::

Note: I currently only have a plan to impliment one ability and it is not currently in yet though it is listed below. If you have any suggestions let me know.

:: Aracne Leech :: 
You leech mana from the opponent and restore a fragment of your health over time

:: Items, Armor and Weapons Found In This Mod ::

Fangs of Kalecgos: These set of daggers can be found in Bleak Falls Barrow, in the room with the Dragon Wall in front of the chest. 
Unfouled Shards of Azzinoth: Can be found in High Gate Ruins, by the dragon wall.
Complete Shards of Azzinoth: Can be crafted at the Sky Forge once you have attained the Unfoul Shards.
Blood Elf Armor: You can find these in the blue palace in solitude in the room to the left of the throne in a chest. However they will not have stats until you reforge them at the Sky Forge into her real armor.

Note: Armor Name incase you want to add via console.
Cloak of the High Born
Silvermoon Gauntlets
Scarlet Sin'Dorei Curiass
Boots of the High Ranger

Bows: Bows will be coming soon, there are no special bows currently in the game for her.
:: Like Sylvanas, but prefer her as a follower? ::
No problem! Check out this amazing mod from which this one was based from Ilikeawp!
Sylvanas Stand Alone Follower Mod

:: Suggested Mods ::
Nock to Tip - Archery Overhaul
Sneak Tools - For extra assassinations :P
Necromancy - Undead FX
Want to suggest a mod? let me know!

:: Credits ::
Blizzard Entertainment for making such a amazing character.
AthenaX - Who made the Armor set.
Shocky - Whom did the SeveNBase Conversation of AthenaX armor.
Ilikeawp - for letting me use his wonderful assets and inspiring me to do this mod.
Faxivcm - The Shards of Azzinoth, and his other amazing Warcraft Daggers :)
DServant - For letting me borrow some assets from Archery Overhaul, and for helping me setup the arrow effect!

:: Want to help?? ::
Here are somethings I could use some help with if anyone is interested.

1. I need someone to make her bow or at this point a bow from WoW in general would be nice.
2. The eyelashes could be better, but I have not found a better way to do them.