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Skyrim's world, loot tables and npc distribution is centered around the player. Morrowloot fixes the loot, Skyrim Unleveled fixes the NPCs.

Deleveling a world means that many things have to be rethought or designed differently. Character progression is emphasized in an unleveled world. As such quite a few aspects of the game have been overhauled, such as weapon damage, artifacts and NPCs. Dungeons tied to quests generally have been toughened up, so that that quest actually feels significant. Minibosses for daedric quests or special dungeons have also been given a boost to make that particular dungeon stand out a little more. All in all, adventuring now requires preparation.

Installing the mod is very easy. After downloading it and opening it with your mod manager of choice, a fomod installation menu will appear. You can select the full version, the loot version and the NPC only version. The latter two (loot, npcs only) can be used together without issue. However, there are a few features exclusive to the main version, such as amulets which make you immune to the stamina drain on hit introduced in the full version.
I highly advise you to take a look in the optional files section, where numerous patches for mods are placed. Download the patch for the mod you are using.
If you use Morrowloot (or any of its variants), place SkyrimUnleveled.esp and any patches below your morrowloot plugin and its patches. This mod has been designed with morrowloot in mind and will forward and changes made by the mod that would otherwise be overwritten by my mod.
After having installed the mod, it is wise to rebuild your bashed patch, so leveled lists are merged.
If no bashed tags appear, add these tags: Relev, Delev, Stats. Then rebuild. You can add bash tags by right-clicking the bash tags box and selecting the relevant tags.


This mod used to have gaps so they could be easily filled by other mods, but I decided that I then would be unable to bring about any sense of balance and just would be piggybacking off those mods, all the while still needing a patch. 
This does not mean it's an incompatible mess. This mod will work nicely with the majority of mods, and only monster mods or overhauls that touch enemies will need a patch. Lucky for you, quite a few patches have already been made.
The patches are needed if you use the full version OR the npc only version. If you use only the items plugin not a single patch is needed except those offered in the fomod installer (those patches are for items, you see). If you have not read the second paragraph in the installation part, do that now. It's important.

What's inside the full version?

The full version is my vision of an unleveled world in this game. I have directly edited the leveled lists so even outside of dungeons NPCs are no longer dependent on your level. The player character has to work their way to the top, but it will not be easy. There are many playstyles and I've done my best to give each of them a place in the ocean of possibilities this game provides. Equipment will have perks and drawbacks, and as such each type of equipment is generally designed for a certain role.

Heavy armor protects a bunch but hinders spellcasting. As the character grows more familiar with the armor this will be remedied. It provides stellar protection against arrows but does not fare as well against crossbow bolts.
Light armor protects only a little but allows the wearer to move freely and dodge attacks easily, as well as cast spells more easily than those in heavy armor. It grants a little magic resistance per piece worn; this will allow the wearer to reach the magic resistance cap quicker.
Clothing is generally good for mages, but the effectiveness of -flesh spells can be enhanced if the right perks are there. This type of equipment provides the steepest difficulty curve, but allows for the most effective spellcasting which can become very powerful in its own right.

Each weapon type now has a certain strength. Maces penetrate armor but swing the slowest,swords swing the fastest but have no armor penetration, and war axes are in between the two. Bows are ubiquitous and are fast and strong, while crossbows have low raw damage but defeat armor very well.

Legendary artifacts such as dragon priest masks have been buffed so they are both in accordance to their status and accordingly game-changing. Crossbows have been distributed among npcs and a few have been hand-placed. Certain enemy types have become a bit less generic, such as trolls regenerating health quickly or spriggans being resistant against blunt weapons such as maces.

The full version multiplies damage dealt by four. In turn, you take way more damage also. This is to provide a bit of realism and internal consistence to the game. I am aware that other mods also increase damage dealt/taken, but so far all of them come with an option to turn that off. If they don't you can use SkyTweak to remedy this issue. Be sure to have a calculator by your side so you don't accidentally muck up game balance.

I plan on writing an extensive guide which details every change, and I will talk about my philosophy behind any certain change. This will take a lot of time and I'm busy playing the game, making other mods and keeping my life stable, so don't expect it any time soon.

The features provided by the other modules are explained in the installer. This mod is not something you casually drop in your load order and expect it to work fine and dandy. I expect careful reading and research from a modder, as otherwise your game will bork. I have done my best to keep you as informed as possible (see the compatibility section, the explanations in the installer and the above wall of text) but there's only so much you can do. 
I am happy to answer any questions you may have, but please search the forum if your question has not been asked before.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my mod.

Credits go to laurasantenni for their premission to use the assets in their aetherial armor mod:
Credits go to gutris for thei permission to use their assets in the wooden crossbow mod: