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Adds normally unlootable dungeon armors to loot lists.

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When I first played Skyrim on XBox, I remember facing off against a Draugr and thinking "it would be awesome if I could get my hands on that armor!" Alas, I couldn't. And when I did get my hands on them at the end of a quest, its stats were more suited for an iron set than something as unique as the Ancient Nord Armor set.

This is a recurring theme with some of the other armors found in the game. I intend to fix that mistake.

This mod "fixes" it by adding those sets to leveled lists of the appropriate creatures. They're not guaranteed to have a piece, and if they have a piece of the set on them, it'll be one per body.

Currently included:
-Ancient Nord Armor set
-Falmer Armor set (no helmets or shields added, those can already spawn.)