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A new fully voiced and lore friendly quest mod! Uncover an assassination plot and decide whether to help, kill, or abandon a retired slaver.

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Retirement is a fully voiced and lore friendly quest mod that adds new characters to the game, one new quest, and a new building. This mod does make use of the Dragonborn DLC, so having Dragonborn installed is required to play the quest.

The quest can be started by examining the body of a dead assassin located west of the Honning Brew Meadery. This quest is well suited for assassin themed characters looking to earn some gold, but can also be appropriate for a good samaritan character who would warn someone who is in trouble. There are several ways to complete the quest, one of which being significantly longer than the rest. Overall the quest is relatively short. It should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete if fast travel is utilized and if the player character has been to Solstheim before. 

For a detailed/spoiler summary click the spoiler tag below.
The quest is started by the player encountering the dead body of a Morag Tong assassin. Upon searching the corpse, they discover a note describing the assassin’s task to kill a former slaver named Endyrn Dredayn.
From here the player is prompted by their quest marker to seek out Dredayn's estate. As soon as the player opens the door to enter the estate, they are forcefully greeted by Dirk, who questions their arrival. The player's actions may result in Dirk attacking them. This leads to combat with both Dirk and Dredayn.
If the player chooses to be civil with Dirk, he leads them to Dredayn, who thanks the player for warning him about the assassin, and proposes that the player assists him in cleaning up his past once and for all. This request manifests itself in the form of three assassination jobs. Each is a former business partner of Dredayn's.
After killing a target, they player may return to Dredayn for their reward, and are then given information concerning the next target.
The quest can be resolved in two ways. First, the player can kill all three of Dredayn's targets, and complete the job. Alternatively, they can decide to kill Dredayn and collect the bounty on his head.
The final target, Waldran, asks the player to kill Dredayn for them. The actual gold reward for killing Dredayn can be found afterward at a dead drop location.

Please give the quest a try and let me know what you thought of it!


I would like to give special thanks to the amazing voice actors that helped bring the mod's characters to life!

Endyrn Dredayn voiced by Vicdlc

Waldran voiced by Griffon

Dirk voiced by Newrasputin

Sharper-Scales voiced by Shugo

The quest was written, designed, and scripted by myself.