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A companion.

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Thank you DonProteinThe WorldofRipX and SgtZodiac for the videos!

All new beautiful skin textures and more natural freckles in version 1.2! No special installation instructions, just uninstall the old version and install the new one instead. Or install over the old version. It's your game ;)

I made this character to use as my own personal follower in Skyrim. I wanted a strong, salt of the earth bladeswoman to balance out my flighty sneaky sniper Bosmer. I love her very much, and I've decided to release her publicly.

Someday I'd love to give her a custom voiceover, but for now she works just fine.


Gender: Female
Race: Imperial
Voice type: Vanilla 'Commander'
Marriageable: Yes
Weight: 100
Body type: UNP (CBBE patch in the optional files)
Location: Temple of the Divines (Solitude)
Combat style:

I originally intended for Siobhan to dual wield swords, but to help her fit with any playstyle she has bonuses in both armors, both sword types, archery, sneak and restoration. She also has helpful perks (like lightfoot, muffle, stealth,) to fit better with sneaky characters.

She has several one handed perks and usually fights aggressively, at close range. Give her good armor and weapons and she should clear a good path in front of you ;)

none requirements

Install via NMM. Uninstall via NMM. If you want to use the CBBE version just install it second and overwrite.

Updating from 1.1 to 1.2 takes no special steps, just uninstall and reinstall. It should have zero effect on save games, since it's just a texture update. :)

You can certainly install the files manually, though I wouldn't personally recommend it.

A Spanish translation has been added here.

Old versions had a litany of bugs because I didn't properly compress her skin textures. Updating to v1.2 will fix any CTD issues or improperly displayed textures. If I missed something in the fix, let me know ;)

Siobhan will be naked when you first meet her. This is not a bug, it's intentional. She has no default outfit set to prevent bugs with her equipment. Recruiting her and removing her default hunting bow will automatically make her equip her items, and if you are using a follower management mod (like AFT) you can manually tell her what to wear by default.

She also has no assigned home (for similar reasons, vanilla AI packages are buggy as hell) so she will hang out wherever you dismiss her.

If you encounter a bug not listed here, let me know and I will do my best to correct it.


Also, nobody has actually asked this, but for anyone who is wondering, her name is pronounced shiv-vawn. ;)

Almost everything in this mod was created by others, I own a very tiny portion of it. Please seek out individual authors to get their permission for asset use.

This is (as of now) a Nexus-only release, please do not repackage/redistribute these files without my permission! If you are interested in improving, translating, or otherwise updating any part of this mod, please send me a PM and I will be happy to add most things to the file.

For your own personal use I really don't care, do what you want.

*Also I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing screenshots of my characters in other setups!* Please, add images to this file, and submit pictures of Siobhan (and your characters) to the Nexus Imageshare!

Thank you Izzy (ista3) for being my faithful beta tester :D

Thank you to all the mod authors and nexus members who have helped and inspired me.

And, of course, thank you bethesda for hundreds of hours of kickass gaming.

The Ningheim Race by Seren4XX

H.U.E. - Handmade Unique Eyes by Eltya

KS Hairdos by Kalilies

Mature Skin 2

Pride of Valhalla

Real Girls Realistic Body Texture

SG Female Textures Renewal

Fair Skin Complexion

Zoe's normal map

XPMSE by Groovtama

DIMONIZED UNP by dimon99

CBBE by Caliente

Better Hand Mesh for UNP by MrTroubleMaker

Freckle Mania by tetrodoxin

Gilded Doublet by Ellise

Eye Normal Map Fix by Mr. Dave

**If I have neglected to give proper credit somewhere please inform me ASAP!**

Other mods used in my screenshots:

The necklace pictured is from Anjelika's Amulets, a mod converted from TESIV. I was going to include it but could not find any permissions for the assets.

ENBs used are Saraan Suum, Rampage, Snapdragon Prime, GS Vaermina, Noir.

Armors used are Northgirl armor, Gilded Doublet, zzjays wardrobe.