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Standalone Follower mod and Babette Replacer mod. Used Pure skin, Fair skin, Adorable face and many beauty mods.

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Helgi the Eternal child

  One day, When Babette returning to Darkbrotherhood santuary, she saw a girl soul at the Morthal.  the soul has a little Darkness. 
  Because the darkness, she can't go to heaven. So, Babette  divide her soul, Human and Vampire. And impart Vampire blood and power.

  Like that, Helgi the Eternal child was born.

  Sadly, Anise found silly Helgi. Anise knows at first sight, this Young girl has a great power in her body.
  So the witch detained her in Cellar for steal the great power.

  Location : Anise's Cabin Cellar

  Class : Destruction mage (Vampire mage)
  Race : Dovahkiier(Vampire Child) - standalone new race non playable.
  Height : 0.9
  Weight : 0
  Voice : Female Young Eager

  Icy Spear
  Flame Atronach
  Vampire Drain

  Conjuration Adept
  Destruction Adept
  Destruction DualCasting
  Frost Mastery
  Mage Armor
  Light Foot
  Magic Resistance

  * I recommend you, first clear the Morthal Vampire quest. (Laid to Rest) And after, as a fellow recurit her.  

  Thanks WorldOfRipX