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Added: 01/02/2012 - 01:15PM
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ATTENTION: I AM NO LONGER SUPPORTING THIS MOD. However, I have given permission for my weapons to be retextured professionally and incorporated into a hand to hand overhaul mod that will hopefully see them implemented properly, with unarmed animations etc...

Woverdude's mod, the Way of the Monk, that uses my weapons can be found . I believe he's planning to add custom animations in the future.

This mod adds two Iron Claws (left and right) to Skyrim. They are standalone, craftable, upgradable, and can be found in the Iron section of the smithing menu.

The claws are based on daggers and so are affected by one-handed and dagger related skills (stealth damage etc.).

There is a slight clipping issue for the right handed claw when dual wielding, however the claws are optimised for 1st person use and the clipping will not be visible when the camera is behind the player.

If this mod is well received I may well make claws for other weapon sets (deadric etc.)

I hope you enjoy the mod,


Steam Workshop link:


If you're not too keen on my textures why don't you give Bloodysunday's a look?

Palderon has also made a retex of four of the weapons, you can find them .


Version 10.0 is now up, it includes Iron Claws (left and right), steel punch dagger (either hand), silver perforator (left and right), orcish punch dagger (either hand), elven talon (left and right), Akaviri Katar (either hand), Ebony Ulak (either hand), Riddick's Ulaks (either hand), Dwemer Fists (left and right), Glass Claws (left and right), daedric claws (left and right). All are craftable and upgradable.

Dragonbone Claws (left and right), are available as an update file. The main file is required.

Also available is the elemental update which adds the dragonbone claws as well as four new spells to the game (volcanic fury left and right, Frost Glaive, Thunder Blade). These spells can be found in tomes, located in a chest at the foot of the atronach stone in the Eastmarch. They summon bound elemental weapons that last for 10mins (or until sheathed) and have a base damage of 15 plus 15 elemental damage, 30 dmg in total. They ARE affected by the mystic binding perk.

NOTE: the silver weapons may not be craftable if you do not have a crafting mod installed that adds silver weapons to the crafting menu. I recommend "More Craftables" by AeonVita

Also, the crafting menu entry for Riddick's Ulaks creates two weapons. They need to be upgraded seperately.

There is a slight animation problem when summoning the frost glaive and thunder blade. When the weapons hover in the air before the character grabs them, they're pointing towards the player rather than away. It doesn't affect the weapons swing animations, but I'm afraid I can't fix it.