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It's been a while since my last mod, but here I am again. I finally tried out what's it like to be a vampire in Skyrim, so naturally I had to make a suitable home for my vampire. I loved the idea of such an unholy creature living in a holy temple, thus Abandoned Cathedral was born. I copied it from the Nine Divines temple in Solitude, and I mostly left the main temple features intact. It IS a temple after all. That's why obviously it has all nine shrines. Other than that the Abandoned Cathedral has a nice bedroom with a doublebed which you can also sit on, several containers, bookshelves and six weapon racks. There is a kitchen with cooking pot and an oven (I LOVE to bake in Skyrim, sorry). There is a room with an alchemy table and an enchanter. In the basement there is a room with coffins, a bed for a follower (you can't feed on the follower if he sleeps in the coffin, because he closes it), and all smithing stuff. There are lots of safe containers in the house and it's fully navmeshed too. All decorations are static, all beds and coffins are unowned. 

Because of the double bed you can make your spouse live here with you with Spouses can live everywhere mod, or you can have some coffin-sleeping homies with My home is your home mod.

The location is southeast of Labyrinthian, requires Skyrim, Hearthfire and Dawnguard DLCs.

I know that it's not perfect and there are better vampire homes out there on Nexus, so don't comment that it's ugly or lame, just don't download it if you don't like it.

Latest two versions:

Non-bloody version: same size as before with exterior collision fixed and plantable soils added

Bloody version (set as main NMM file): exterior collision fixed, plantable soils added, new huge and bloody dining room with harvestable blood barrels, bigger basment with more coffins and a new jail cell - works best with mods that let you change your followers into vampires, or mods that add new vampire followers to the game, however it is not a requirement

These are the fixed final versions so you can choose whether you prefer the home less bloody but with less space for followers, or more bloody with more coffins for followers. All other versions are flawed and had been set as old versions, don't use them.

SSE version by ezerio here: