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Days of game-play. 60+ quests, 9 world-spaces, 150+ interiors, 80+ custom voiced characters, 1200+ npc, 70+ custom spells, 70+ journals, lore notes & books, over 100 new textures, etc. etc.

Permissions and credits
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Click here for SSE version.

Original Skyrim, Dawnguard & Dragonborn official DLC. This mod is for PC ONLY.

QAXE'S QUESTORIUM? (Kah-zeh's kwe-story-uhm) adds new towns, dungeons, battles, people, stories, homes, voiced companions, spells, quests, and a school. In this mod's NINE World-spaces and 150+ interiors, you may find 80+ custom voiced characters among 1200+ npc, 70+ custom spells, over 100 new textures, and over 60 quests. The VIDEO tab above is full of examples of what the mod is like.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: This mod contains something for every level, but keep in mind that enemy encounters within my world-spaces provide more intensity than the base-game can offer. Enemies in this mod are hard as nails, because they are meant to challenge veteran players using high-level characters. They aren't just tougher, there are a lot more of them
. It is unlikely that you will be able to fight all of them in the same way. "God-mode" is neither necessary nor recommended, but it will be necessary to make use of the vast arsenal of potions, perks, and tactics at your disposal. Be prepared and stay flexible. There is no shame in leaving a @%#&ing dungeon if it's pissing you off. If you are using mods like ASIS or the Wenches series, some battles will be quite intense.

QUESTING: Listen to your quest-giver's dialogue, and read notes & journals. Not every quest starts automatically. Quest arrows can be misleading, so make sure to check your quest journal if you get lost.

SPELLS: I've added dozen of new spells for two reasons: I was frustrated by the weak "master" spells in Skyrim, and to make villains more interesting. These may be helpful when fighting enemies in the mod. Some are quest prizes, dungeon end-prizes, and others are simply hand-placed. A full list of all spells and where to find them is in the READ ME. "But I don't want more spells." Okay, then be careful which texts you read, and ignore the School of Spellcasting.

- The mod comes in 3 parts. Be SURE to download all 3 parts, or the mod will not work as intended.
- Mod Organizer is the fastest tool for installing huge mods. NMM takes a very long time to install large mods.
- Trouble downloading? Check the Mirror links. (See the Description tab, beneath "Translations")

- Traditional start, new characters may find Captain Mead at Helgen's cave exit.
- Smuggler's Haven can be reached by boat, 100feet or so north of the Windhelm Docks.
- Icicle Valley can be reached on foot, or by cart. Carts are located nearby the stables in Whiterun and Riften.
- Mt. Peril is west of the Thalmor Embassy in Haafingar.
- Winterhold Rebuild quest can be started by speaking to "Avis" the carpenter.
- Clearspire is NE of Ivarstead, down the falls from Nilheim bandit tower.
- To access Whitewater Chalet (player home) speak the the khajiit on the stone bridge east of Honningbrew.
- Use Alternate Start Live Another Life? Check the downloads for JKNJB's QQ-ASLAL patch!

1. Use Alternate Start Live Another Life? JKNJB's QQ-ASLAL patch adds 3 QQ tavern locations to start choices. (Requires both my mod and ASLAL)
2. QQ_QRR Patch: Connects the lift in Rbrthamz (this mod) with a lift in Unbaraki-Varn (Qaxe's Raven Rock).

- Interesting NPCs patch for Winterhold mods is available on the INPC page under "Miscellaneous Files"
- UrriroSirics: Requiem Patch for Blue Elves
- Want a compatibility patch? Learn to make one HERE.

- Mod compatibility and integration are not my responsibility.
- Make sure that you use "LOOT" to sort your mods properly.
- A composite map showing affected areas is available under the "Images" tab.

- Legacy of the Dragonborn, Falskaar, Interesting NPC (with Winterhold patch), Winterhold - Expanded Ruins Compatibility Version,
- King of Riverhelm or Ebonvale? (DO NOT talk to "Captain Hiss" near Honningbrew)
- Winterhold overhaul mods? (DO NOT talk to "Avis" in Winterhold)

- Open Cities, Seaside Settlement, or any of my OLD mods (Icicle Valley, Smuggler's Haven, Mt. Peril, Clearspire, Whitewater, Winterhold Rebuild.)
- Custom race mods that edit base-game form lists (HeadParts, eyes etc.)


- DynDoLod, and SkyFalls & SkyMills don't play nice with custom LOD, such as my mod, Falskaar, etc.
- ELFX: Some of the textures in the School of Spellcasting do not show correctly with ELFX.
- Solitude Docks overhaul mods may be an issue during my quest "Have Boat Will Travel".

- This mod has a playable custom race. Fun for some play-throughs, but should be avoided IF you plan to join either the Dark Brotherhood, or the Volkihar vampire faction, due to race-specific issues. (see my READ ME file, section D)

- Teleportation: Using the "Teleport Home" spell to leave a quest-locked area* can cause serious trouble. Skuldafn, Dustman's Cairn, Azura's Star, etc. Teleport responsibly.

STABILITY: Massive battles against 30-40 enemies make your pc work hard, so save often, and make sure your Skyrim is running as stable as possible. ENBoost, the newest SKSE, SafetyLoad, LOOT, Crash Fixes, and bethINI (spINI) help quite a lot. Mods such asSands of Time or theWenches series which add extra enemies to locations based on dungeon "type" can make battles even more intense, but may also increase the chance for crashes. Sacremas' thread on optimization is helpful  -->www.loverslab.com/topic/43043-skyrim-modding-guide

- Avoid updating mods simply because an update is available. Read the Change Log and any relevant sticky-comments before updating. Why? Any updates involving quest edits, npc AI Packages, locations, and outfits, ALWAYS require a "reset" of the mod or a fresh install. Some mods should never be updated during a given play-through.

- Updating this mod from v28 or older? Either...
A. Reset the mod (instructions below) OR...
B. Use a character that has never been exposed to this mod (new or otherwise) OR...
C. Don't update until you're ready to start a new character.

NOTE: If you have hdd space, keep a backup of your favorite mods. You may discover that you don't like the changes made to a mod you're using, but the old version isn't available. Oh crap.

HELP & TROUBLESHOOTING: The READ ME file contains extensive information on quests, spoilers, known-issues and troubleshooting. Read it before leaving a comment, because I don't read comments very often. The READ ME comes with your download, AND it's available for download here as a separate file.

REPORTING TROUBLE: Help people help you by giving as much info as possible.
1. Before commenting, check the READ ME file. There are 15 pages of help in there.
2. Use SPOILER tags when applicable.
3. Which version number are you using? Fresh install? Reset? Did you update from an older version without resetting/starting over? (Overwrote old one)
4. How did you download? All-in-one file? 3-part version?
5. How did you install? Mod Organizer, Nexus Mod Manager...?
6. List other mods that you think could be relevant to your problem. Use spoiler tags to post your load-order. [ spoiler ]TEXT HERE.[ /spoiler ] (Remove the spaces in the [ brackets ]
7. Be specific. "That quest with the thief" isn't helpful (especially if it wasn't a thief). Supply the name of the quest (It's in your quest journal) and the exact place where you are having trouble. Interior or exterior? Interior or exterior?

BUGS/GLITCHES: If there is an actual bug I will do my best to fix it. Glitches happen all the time in Skyrim. Some are fixed simply by restarting the game or reloading an older save. Bugs (error or defect) may be caused by mod-conflicts, improper load-order, removing mods then continuing to play using the same character, and so on. It's not a bug when voiceover volunteers use poor recording equipment or subtitles don't match perfectly.

COMPLAINTS: Work harder to avoid complaining about things you get for free.

RESETTING A MOD: When a mod update includes edits to quests, outfits, or locations, you should avoid updating that mod by simply overwriting the old version. You can wait to update the mod until you start a new character, OR reset the mod. Be aware that resetting a mod will remove ALL progress in the mod. All mod items & spells will be removed from your inventory. Quests will reset. It will be as if you have never been there at all. With my mod, I don't recommend doing this if you are playing as a BLUE ELF from the mod, or married to anyone in the mod.

Reset Instructions
1. Start Skyrim as usual and retrieve ALL your items from this mod's containers. Including followers & mannequins.
2. If this makes you over-encumbered, open the console with the ~ buttonand type TGM to toggle god-mode.
3. Store all your junk in a vanilla house if you can.
4. Move your spouse and/or children OUT of the mod house(s) to any other home.
5. Release any followers you were using from the mod.
6. Go to a vanilla game location and save the game.
7. Remove the mod.(Do not do this ifyour character is a blue-elf! See the README for info.)
8. Start Skyrim and make a save WITHOUT the mod installed.
9. Exit the game and use a tool like the Save Game Script Cleanerto remove old scripts, etc.
10. Install the newest version and play.

PERMISSIONS: This mod has been provided by the author as a free service, and is the creative property of the author. The author does NOT give permission for re-uploading this mod, edits, renditions, merges of this mod on this or any other website(s). Assets created by other mod authors used in this mod were borrowed with with written consent from those authors, and are listed at the bottom of the mod description.

Planning to post a translation? Cool. Translations may NOT include files from this mod.

IS THIS MOD LORE-FRIENDLY? Yes! But many people don't understand what that means. According to the way that Bethesda lore-masters have set up the lore in this game series, this mod is lore-friendly. The mod may not fall into line with what this one game has presented as lore on the surface, but the lore is not limited to one game, and has not been presented as a single, unchangeable, concrete fact. The lore was set up in such a way that it could be left up to interpretation and change. This is our reading of the lore.

Just like it the real-world, many historical texts in TES contradict each other over what the facts are, depending upon who is telling the story. In the lore, even the historical timelines and "facts" have been fractured and re-written by the Dragonbreak and by the actions of Gods. And let us not forget that time travel and alternate realities are part of the lore, and that parallel universes bleed into Nirn or try to consume it entirely on occasion.

Things that have yet to be seen in TES are still part of the lore. Weresharks and talking trees are lore, but we don't have any in Skyrim. The book "Darkest Darkness" claims that Dremora are always male, and that Golden Saints are always female, yet in the Shivering Isles we saw male Golden Saints and Dark Seducers, and learned that the Saints and Seducers had complex societies of their own.

Dozens, possibly hundreds of small towns, cities, and kingdoms are mentioned in the lore that do not show up in Morrowind, Oblivion, or Skyrim. Hundreds more are implied to exist on other continents, and yet are never listed comprehensively in the games.

Michael Kirkbride, one of the writers who created the modern version of TES Lore, has said (paraphrased) that there are no absolutely correct or incorrect readings of the Lore, just better and worse stories. We’ve done our best to make Qaxe’s Questorium a good story (and I think) more importantly, fun to play. We hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do. May this reading of the scrolls bring you insight, and we hope you won’t go blind. - Qaxe and Old Book

Maybe you meant, "Is this mod silly?" "At times, yes." or "Does this mod strictly follow the parameters of the base-game in terms of weapon damage, enemy health levels, etc.?" Then "No".

QAXE'S RAVEN ROCK: If you enjoy this mod, you will surely like Qaxe's Raven Rock. QRR adds to the NW end of town new shops, a new gated wall, new (voiced) guards, etc. Underneath lies a large dwemer ruin with short quests, voiced npc, lore, etc. See the Qaxe's Raven Rock page for more details.

My gratitude and warm regards to those who sent donations. Thank you.
Thank you to those who contributed greatly to this mod...
"Old Book": Improved dialogue choices, lore-books, advice, stories, voices, quests and more. Please check out OAK&IV Skyrim.
JKNJB of Bar Fight, Tavern Brawls and more: Voices, opinions, good advice (even when I don't listen)
Michael Butchin: Voices and Voryn Dreleth lore-books.
Anna Castiglioni of Anna NPCs: Voices
Jessica Osborne: Voices
Jim Belfiore: Voices
Lizzard: Voices
Yanxxgeist: Voice
Pandanami & Luna: Voices
Christine Slagman: Voices of Lamae & song used in "Lamae's Rest"
TaoXue: Voice of Moahni
Duncan Fletcher: Voices

Markus Liberty: Cyrodiil Ship and boat resource
Phitt: Cliffracers Resource
RazorWire: Chubby Races for Skyrim - BBW
X32: X32 skeleton
Sundracon: Brotherhood Mask for Man and Mer
Qasiermo: Birds of Skyrim for the ravens.
Cad435: Airship resource

TRANSLATIONS: GERMAN version translated by Yanxxgeist.

These tools were integral in the creation and sharing of this mod:
The Creation Kit, TESVedit, Merge Plugins, BSAUnpacker, Unfuzer, NifSkope, Oscape, TES5LODGen, Voice File Reference Tool (VFRT).

BELOW: Old Book's "OAK & IV SKYRIM" video page.