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presets for your pleasure please

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Hey guys!
These are some presets I've decided to share, mostly because I have too many characters and never use them.

Nothing too special. :P

Mods I use for my characters:

KS hairdos
XCE brows/scars
Real Girls skin texture
The headmesh included in ECE (I believe it's one of Ren's headmesh variants? Anyway it basically fixes the uneven UV mapping in the vanilla headmesh)
SG texture renewal (normals, speculars, tintmasks)
H.U.E. Handmade Unique Eyes
Lind's Elven Eyes
Ethereal Elven Overhaul
TairenSoul's warpaints
And, of course, Racemenu

Also, Torre uses CITRUS headmeshes. If you don't have CITRUS installed you can only use her preset, not the sculpt data.

Races for each preset:

Esme, Thalia, Torre are Nords
Remy and Scarlette are Imperials
Iris is an Altmer
Unnamed Dunmer is Dunmer


CITRUS heads (for Torre)
Ethereal Elven Overhaul (for Iris/Dunmer)

How to use:
1. install via NMM or manually extract
2. start a new game, set up your race/gender, go to the presets tab and press f9. Choose the preset you want to load (all my presets are labeled 1Esme etc so they should be easy to find)
3. Go to the sculpt tab (top right) and press z to make sure you have no funky sculpt info already. Press f9. Choose the corresponding NIF to load, press e. Thalia/Dunmer presets have no sculpt data, you can skip this step.
4. That's it!

Q: But my character has blue skin!
A: You don't have the same overlay mods installed. Go to the makeup (or body/hand/footpaint) tab, correct the missing texture.

Q: I don't want to use the sculpt data/racemenu is scary
A: You don't have to. But these characters (except Thalia) will look totally different without the sculpt data.

Q: I object to something here because reasons
A: Please, I beg you, do not share these reasons with me. D':

Q: Can you change something to my personal taste?
A: Erm ... no, that's kind of the point of uploading them.

A: Flattered that you do, but x character is going to remain mine for now ;)

Q: Can I make one of these into a follower?
A: No, not straight out of the box. Of course you're free to use these as a base for any character/follower you choose.

Q: What mod did you use in X picture?
A: This should be everything shown:

Rampage ENB
Snapdragon ENB (dof)
KS Jewelry
UNP Deadly Assassin
Draconic Bloodline
zzjay's wardrobe
Elite Rogue Armor
Newlyna Armor
Lucrezia Navarre's Robe

As a disclaimer, these are by no means perfect. Sowwy.

== Thank you to everyone for their beautiful mod work, and thank you bethesda for Skyrim ==