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Adds more variety to the clutter in Skyrim

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Happy modding!

What is 'Spice of Life'? 
It's a series of mods I have been working on for a long time that will give Skyrim a less repetitive nature by introducing many unique and varied items to the game. 

What's completed so far?
Barrels and Fences. 
(Forts coming soon)

German Translation Available. Danke Penetrator3 

DarShonDo was kind enough to make a video about this mod:

Spice of Life - Barrels

Adds unique meshes and textures for the following barrels: 
  • Food
  • Fish
  • Mead
  • Meat
  • Black Briar Mead
  • Honningbrew Mead
  • Common ingredients
  • Uncommon ingredients
  • Theives Guild Barrel

Each barrel has it's own texture and mesh. Optionally, the textures can have logos or symbols of what the barrels contain in them. The mod includes a very simple plugin that assigns the barrels new meshes. 

The textures are all 2k, with 1k uncompressed normals. This mod will increase your Vram usage, but not considerably. Otherwise performance impact should be minimal. If you're running a low-end system (with less than 2gb of Vram) then it might be nessisary to optimize or resize the textures. Which can be done with this tool. 

This mod is compatible with most anything, except mods that add new barrel types or mods that change which mesh is assigned to barrels.  The exception being Dynamic Things, which I made a patch for (Tested and confirmed working by zelazko).

Install with mod manager. I do not support manual installs.

For best results, overwrite SMIM (this already contains SMIM meshes) and any other texture pack.

Load order should not matter for this mod. But in general, you should use LOOT to sort everything. As with load order, mods closer to the bottom take priority, so if this mod does conflict with something, your first step should be trying to move the plugin as low as possible in to load order. 

Q: I choose animated barrels during install, but Black Briar Mead and Common ingredients barrels do not have animations
A: Yes, those barrel use barrel02 meshes which in the vanilla game are not meant to be opened and thus don't have proper animations. I will not be fixing this because the time required to animate them just isn't worth it.

Q: I don't like the symbols/logos on the barrels
A: Don't use them! I tried to make them have a 'rustic' look, but the look is not for everyone. The symbols also give the player a way to 'preview' the contents of a barrel, without actually looking in it, I find it very useful, but some may not. 

Q: I installed your mod and I get CTDs
A: If using a patched version, make sure you have the required masters active. Otherwise make sure you have SKSE memory patch and ENBoost installed and set up properly. 

Spice of Life - Fences

This module adds new fence styles through the settlements in Skyrim. At least 11 new styles of fences have been introduced. All new fences are the same size as the old fences and use the same collision meshes. 

Locations that have new fences: 
  • Snow-Shod Farm
  • Merryfair Farm
  • Sarethi Farm
  • Ivarstead
  • Darkwater Crossing
  • Riverwood
  • Kynesgrove
  • Brandy-Mug Farm
  • Hlaalu Farm
  • Hollyforst Farm
  • Anga's Mill
  • Falkreath
  • Rorikstead
  • Karthwasten
  • Dragon Bridge
  • Katla's Farm
  • Solitude Sawmill
  • Morthal (Only in ETaC version)
  • Dawnstar (Only in ETaC version)
  • Winterhold (Only in ETaC version)

Performance impact is minimal. Some meshes are more dense than vanilla, but if you can run SMIM's version of woven fences then this mod should be fine. This includes no new textures, but rather uses textures already in the game. Namely Farmhouse woodpost02 texture. Riften and Solitude wood textures are also used; for example Katla's Farm uses Solitude wood textures and Snow-Shod Farm uses Riften wood. So the look of fences depends on which texture pack you're using. In the screenshots I am using RUSTIC WOODPOST (with tweaked color) and Noble Skyrim.

Incompatible with anything that changes fences from their vanilla positions. Patches are available for ETaC,  JK's,  Arthmoor's Darkwater Crossing and Ivarstead as of now. (Rest of Arthmoor's city overhauls don't need patches because they don't touch or don't include new fences)

Install with mod manager. I do not support manual installs. 

Use LOOT to properly sort your load order. It should place SpiceOfLife-Fences in the correct place.


Q: I found something strange...
A: Report it in the 'Bugs' section. 

Q: Will you patch for .....
A: Depends on what and how many people request it. There are lots of mods that change settlements I can't patch for everything, but i'll do my best to cover what most people use. 

Q: Why no modular release? 
A: One main reason, I stupidly made everything in one plugin. So this means I'll have to use TES5Edit to split everything up. I figured this isn't a huge deal, as most people will probably want all the fences this mod provides (I hope). If anyone wants to take a crack at making a module version, they are more than welcome. 

Q: I see a fence clipping with something
A: Report it in the bugs tab, with a screenshot and location. I did my best to sort these out, but I could have missed something.

Q: In the JK's verison, why did you not change out some of the vanilla style woven fences in Roristead or Dragon's Bridge.
A: Two reasons, I think the woven fences look better in these cases (more variety right?), and JK's places fences off the ground on walkways, and my meshes weren't designed with this in mind, so the fence legs hang down a little bit. 

Q: I installed your mod and I get CTDs
A: If using a patched version, make sure you have the required masters active. Otherwise make sure you have SKSE memory patch and ENBoost installed and set up properly. 

Q: Where's Snowy Windhelm 3.0 Dammit?!
A: Oh...

A Big thank you to Shutt3r, Brumbekquazaque for letting me use their textures/meshes. Please check out their mods and endorse if you want. Please consider donating to them as well. 
Thanks to everyone on Skyrimmods Subreddit who tested the mod
Thanks to Nifskope team and their amazing work
Thanks to Nexus for making a site where modders can do their thing
Thanks to Bethesda for the TES universe, games and modding tools. 

No never. I never want any donations of any kind. If you are considering doing so, please just directly donate to Nexus or another mod author who you think deserves it. It is simply wrong to accept money when I used other's work as a base for mine. 

Obligatory meme: