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Allows all vampires to recover health, magicka, and stamina when standing in the shade, even during the daytime. Modifies the vanilla vampirism effects.

Permissions and credits
Vampires Regen in Shade
[Skyrim Special Edition File]

Allows all vampires, including the player, to recover health, magicka, and stamina when they're standing in the shade. No scripts, no items, no manual activation. It just works.

Modifies the vanilla "Weakness to Sunlight" abilities to add conditions to their regen effects. Probably not compatible with other vampirism overhauls.

Why Do I Want This?
This mod makes vampires a little less punishing to play as during the day. In my experience, being able to regenerate stamina in the shade adds an interesting effect to travel, by forcing one to dart from cover to cover while moving down roads.

Installation and Uninstallation
This mod should be perfectly safe to install and remove at any time.

To modify the brightness threshold at which vampires can heal, use a console command like

set CobbVampShadeLightLevelThreshold to 60.0

The default value is 60. If a vampire is standing in light brighter than the variable's value, they will not be able to heal.