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A mod that adds a lightning effect to lightning related spells.

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Added v1.1, where Lightning Cloak and Thunderbolt has received these effects too.

Hello all,

this is my first mod, which was inspired by the gravity hammer mod as well as my love for the Star Wars franchise.

What the mod does

This mod adds a visual effect to four magic spells: Sparks, Chain Lightning, Lightning Bolt, and Lightning Storm. The visual effect is similar to the lightning effect as seen in the Star Wars movies. Specifically, when Palpatine sends Master Windu out the window.

This mod adds a lightning effect just like that, but you won't send people flying a thousand feet, but they will be knocked off their feet and knocked a bit of distance away.

Where I use the lightning on npcs...

and where the NPCs use the lightning on me...Lightning Hitting Me (the player)


The mod does not have any special requirements.

Tested with Deadly Mutilation and Burn,Shock,Freeze effects. Works perfectly. The effects from those mods and this mod do not conflict.

It only modifies the above mentioned 4 spells.

Update: v1.1 uploaded now includes this effect for Lightning Cloak and Thunderbolt.


To install, just copy and paste the esp into your Skyrim/Data folder.

To uninstall, remove the esp.

This is an order
Go forth my apprentice, send those vermin flying!