Dressed Hearthfire Doll by uni_SL
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Hearthfire is required.

She was naked in the cold of Skyrim for a long time. So I made a red one piece dress (and new face) for this old cloth doll.This's the replacement of the doll mesh and textures. I hope your children would like this.

Main file
The replacement of the hearthfire doll and the load screen model (girl with a doll).Choose one face type, one body type(human race or beast race) and one dress color. The doll of the load screen always has the default face and the dress with your installed color.

About the optional plugin
This file adds all race types dolls (choose one face type at installing them) and a strange doll in Calixto's house in Windhelm.
These dolls except a strange doll are just decorative objects of Miscellaneous category in a inventory and will be sold randomly at some of general goods shops in Skyrim (vampire dolls and werewolf dolls are rarely sold). Some of decorative dolls can be found in houses. For example, Aela The Huntress has a werewolf doll in her room.

PSD and DDS files
There are resource files for making your own doll's dress and face. I hope these files could help your creation.