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Fenris from Dragon Age 2, Skyrim version! Same voice. Chat, banter, Sandbox, Set Home, Rides own Horse, Elder Scrolls version of his backstory.

Permissions and credits

Background:  Who is Fenris?

Fenris, a former slave in Morrowind, served the House Dres for most of his youth.
His Dunmer masters forced him to endure a Daedric ritual which resulted in the unique magic markings on his skin.
One day he was finally able to escape, and he ended up in Skyrim.

Where is Fenris?
 - Whiterun's Drunken Huntsman

Enhanced Follower Features:
 - Bosmer 2-Hand warrior
 - Fenris carries a Leveled 2-Handed Battleaxe.

 - Standalone, no other mods needed!
 - Default Body mesh & textures, only adds eye and hair resources
 - - (1.0.1+ adds lyrium tattoo, and custom face texture by Urshi, with permission)

 - Completely separate Follower framework from vanilla system
 - Rides his own horse, automatically when Player rides, or if asked to ride
 - Warps to Player
 - 'Call Fenris' power, to use in case he falls behind or gets stuck.
 - - Only works when he is an active Follower!  Does not work when he is Dismissed.
 - Sandboxes while following, like Serana and my Anna NPCs
 - Set his Home in any Player House, vanilla or modded
 - Dismiss and meet at (Inn), all vanilla inns covered

 - Dismiss at any set Home
 - Simple Outfits change through dialogue:
 - - Default armor (Steel Plate), Casual (randomized Farm clothes), Fancy(??), or Wolf Armor (of course!)
 - Helmets automatically unequipped when NOT in combat (configurable through dialogue)
 - Some fun chit-chat with him, based on available and appropriate vanilla voice files.
 - Same voice actor as DA2!  In Skyrim he is "MaleSoldier" voice type.
Future Updates:
 - Depends on how well this mod is received
 - Possibly a Daedric warpaint if I can find it again...
 - Possible Banter with vanilla characters (depends on available voice files)
 - A bit of romantic flirting (depends on available voice files)
 - Simple Friendship/Rivalry system, as in DA2 (if enough interest)
 - Any necessary bug fixes
 - It would be EPIC if I could figure out how to use the DLC animation for ripping out hearts at end of combat!
 - Not all lines are voiced (see the 3rd FAQ below).  Those that aren't have forced subtitles.
 - - I wrote some lines to blend his DA 2 lore with Skyrim lore.
 - - I recommend using Fus Roh D'oh to make those lines show up longer than a second.
 - I hope to merge this mod with the face tattoo textures of a certain awesome modder ;).  Hopes.
 - Flaming is NOT tolerated.  Those who do will be reported and blocked from ALL my files, and the comment deleted.
This is your one warning.  If you don't like the mod, please move on without comment.

No.  Not in his character, and not many appropriate vanilla voice files to use.
However, yes, I could still do it, if I felt so inclined.
Why doesn't he look *exactly* like Fenris?
I got him as close as I could and how I like him.  If you don't like it, please move on.
Why Bosmer?
It seemed the most likely.  He couldn't be Altmer because he's not snobbish (except perhaps, to mages).
And he DEFINITELY couldn't be Dunmer, as he was a Dunmer's slave.  That leaves Bosmer.
Plus, I think his penchant for ripping out his enemies' hearts fits with Bosmer cannibalism.
Why are his eyebrows white in your screenshot?  They need to be dark!
In default, unmodded Skyrim, they would be.  As far as I understand, it is only through mods (such as CBBE face pack, or SG Eyebrows, for example)
that eyebrows are the same color as hair.
Why not rip his voice from DA2?
I could, but it's probably not permitted; there might be copyright issues.  I read EA is very hard on that.  There are some options still:
1) Find a male VA who can sound like Gideon Emery to fill in the unvoiced lines, OR
2) Voice them myself.  You might laugh, but as an audiobook narrator, I've actually become fairly decent doing male voices.
How did you get the same voice actor?  Do you know him?
I wish.  No, I don't know him.  His voice is already in the base Skyrim game as "MaleSoldier" (many Imperial soldiers, and Caius Maro).
Why is his hair so bright?
As you know if you've played DA2, Fenris has white hair.  In Skyrim, I made his hair as white as I could, but that also made it bright.
I've toned it down as much as I could by actually changing hue and saturation of the hair texture.
Any more updates?
See Future Updates above.  This is just a fun little mod targeted to Fenris fans; it was never intended to be huge.
Theoretically NONE.  Edits NO base data.
However, if you have any mods that alter or remove static markers in Inns, this may disrupt Fenris' Dismiss AI.
Work with UFO/AFT/EFF?
As with my AnnaNPCs, Fenris' framework is completely independent of the vanilla system.
They work perfectly well side-by-side, ignoring each other.  You should not be *able* to use those dialogues on Fenris, and if you can, you shouldn't.
It could disrupt Fenris' own AI.  
Can I upload my screenshots?
Yes, absolutely!  Feel free to upload your screenshots!! :)
I will approve nearly anything, as long as it's not nude/vulgar or the like.
What additional mods are you using in your screenshots?
Fine Face Textures for Men by Urshi, Immersive Armors

Thank you for downloading my mod! :)  Please Endorse if you like it!

Credits and Free-to-use Assets:
 - Anna Castiglioni: basic follower scripting, dissecting vanilla voice files
 - Shrike: helmet, riding, sandboxing scripts, helping me make it work, being awesome!
 - Tktk: Enhanced Character Edit, Fenris face
 - Kalilies and company: for KS Hairdos (Fenris uses "Zero")
 - Nevenbridges: for Natural Eyes
 - Gideon Emery: voice actor from vanilla Skyrim & DA2 as Fenris
 - Urshi: for Fine Textures for Men, used with permission by PM
 - Thanks also to Alexmancer for his Fenris tattoo, which I used to trace my new one
 - Thanks to SilentCatoftheDawn for advice on voice file recording and tattoo talk :)
 - Thanks to tbawden for the blue-ish hair tip!

If you enjoy my mods and voice acting, please consider supporting me on Patreon!