About this mod

-Dynamic Survival-mode system for hostile locations
-Dynamic war campaign with 60+ occupyable territories
-Settlements are populated by randomized NPCs
-Command your own army and campaign across Skyrim for control of territories
-Mod Configuration Menu with customizable settings

Permissions and credits

Radiant Spawn Engine 


-Dynamic Survival-mode system for hostile locations 
-Dynamic war campaign with 60+ occupyable territories 
-Settlements are populated by randomized NPCs
-Command your own army and campaign across Skyrim for control of territories
-Mod Configuration Menu with customizable settings

Skyrim or later 
SKSE 1.7.3 or later 

Also available on Steam

Extract the files to your Skyrim Data folder

Click the uninstall toggle in the mod configuration menu, let it work, then save before disabling this mod

You might also want to use this after removing:

Go to the Steam site for the latest updates to the documentation and change log

[Version 5.0 - 5.1]
-grey face fix
-added some new faces to the armies
-re-textured the daedra zone effect
-script optimizations
-Raised the maximum soldiers allowed in a skirmish per army to 40

[Version 4.9]
-Made several performance optimizations
-New and improved scaling system for local army sizes
-more intelligent global skirmish AI
-Armies spawn from the direction of their nearest territory 
-Removed Civilian Boost & toogle (major lowerer of performance)
-added treble to the "Blink" & "Teleport" spells,
-excluded several locations as spawnable, created a "Spatial Ping" system detect the size of spaces & prevent spawns in confined areas.
-New MCM options


Depending on location, time and what’s around already, as you travel through Skyrim, you will see adventurers, be ambushed by hostiles, or encounter large army skirmishes.

 Civilian NPCs
Civilians will come and go as you travel through towns and inns. This mod uses a small number of NPCs connected to a large list of potential references, recycled and randomized, to create the feel of a denser, more populated Skyrim.

Hostile Survival Mode
RSE tracks your location and the type of NPCs in it and spawns more of them depending on various conditions. RSE generates a local population count for each type of spawn it finds and can save this data between cells. Spawns will continue until the population of the spawn type is depleted. This currently affects, among other things:

-Dwarven Automations
Dynamic War Campaign  
You can now wage war across Skyrim for control of territories. Skyrim is logically divided into over 60 randomly generated zones.
An army’s forces are distributed among the zones they occupy along with a portion of the army’s wealth in gold.
Each territory occupied generates gold for the army, which can be used to raise more soldiers.
The more zones you hold, the more gold is generated overtime.

Whether you engage in the fight or not, it will go on in the background. Territories will be won and lost across Skyrim.
Depending on who holds the territory you are in, you will see different armies patroling the lands and settlements 

You can view campaign stats from the War Campaign Menu in your spell list.
After taking a side in the civil war or completing the Namira's Ring quest, "The Taste of Death" in Markarth, you will be able to call soldiers to help you.

Call 1-2 soldiers from your own army to follow you around.

Raid Party:
Call a small force of your own soldiers to follow you. Marching a raid party in enemy territory will result in frequent attacks from that army.

Call Ally Reinforcements: 
Request the deployment of a small force of soldiers from a local ally army to your area. Requires 1 Merit point. Merit points are gained by killing multiple enemy soldiers.

Full Army March: 
March your own soldiers through Skyrim. Requires at least 1 territory. Marching into enemy territory will trigger a Battle Zone Skirmish.

Battle Zone Skirmishes
Battlezone skirmishes erupt around you as you travel through Skyrim, between nearby territories held by opposing armies.
The battles will go on until an opposing army loses all of its available soldiers in that territory. If the battle happens in the losing army's territory, the winning army claims it.

Active Armies Include:

-Imperial Legion

-The Warriors of Malacath – an army of Orc invaders 
-Aldmeri Dominion – An army of Thalmor, become active as an attachment of the imperial legion if they are losing too badly
-The Ravagers  – an army of ex-forsworn mercenaries affiliated with Namira’s Cult 
-The Hammerfell ResistanceAn army of Redguards waging war against the Aldmeri Dominion, they are shaky allies with the Stormcloaks and enemies of the Imperial Legion
The Ravagers
By completing the quest for Namira’s Ring you can become the leader of a mercenary faction within Namira’s cult, a group of cannibalistic ex-forsworn known as the Ravagers.  

Daedra Crisis
An extension of the dynamic war system. After reaching level 8 (or by forcing it from the menu), powerful
conjurers, known as Daedra Cultists will begin to appear at random across Skyrim, summoning hordes of daedra. Territories can be overrun and become occupied by daedra rather than an army. In order to prevent a daedra apocalypse you must kill the cultists and their leader. Daedra controlled zones can be taken by defeating their armies in open battle or by killing the daedra cultist conjurer. 
If you are leader of the Ravagers and you kill a daedra cultist in daedra territory. The territory will become yours.

There is very little direct editing done in Skyrim, meaning this mod should be compatible with most other mods

I never fully completed this mod, and I may never, that said, all parts should work fully as they are.