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About this mod

This Mod adds 6 Quests, 8 new voiced NPC's, 25 new Weapons, 3 new Shields, 2 new Armours, 5 new Dungeons, a new Follower and a Player-home.

Permissions and credits
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Staring the talents of:
Christine Slagman, aka. FinalCrystine as Mellori
Elijah Lucian's Voice acting power-squad (Elijah, Gin, Kaela, Nancy and Dawn)

These quest will take you all over Skyrim, and even out of it! Delve into an Ancient Dwemer palace lost to Nords in a time long past, venture into a warp and have a dicey confrontation with a Pirate and her skeleton crew, brave the realm of Oblivion and seek the pride of a Prince long past, or sail to the Ashen land to find a Hammer which was hidden in the depths of time...

This Mod adds 6 Quests, 8 new voiced NPC's, 25 new Weapons, 3 new Shields, 2 new Armours, 5 new Dungeons, a new Follower and a Player-home.
You can start the Mod by heading to Riften. Navigate your way to the under-croft, and directly below the Bridge to the Bee and Barb, you will
find a new Blacksmiths workshop called "The Iron Lass" Head on inside and speak to a new NPC, Mellori. Mellori will be the quest giver of this mod.
She will give you one small intro Quest, and 4 Larger proper quests with a side-quest inbetween. These quests will all have custom factions and weapons involved. 
The extra special thing is the NPC Bosses. These are all custom Voicacted and have something to say so feel free to have a chat with them before you do anything rash. These are not the only voiced NPCs, so keep an eye out during the quests for more! 

All weapons are made from scratch in 3ds-Max and textured in Mudbox. 

Preview the talent! You can find a small video show-casing some of the Voice acting here: Unfortunately the Video is no masterpiece but you can get a feel for the characters, which is the Important thing. A proper quality trailer is in the works but this shall suffice until then I hope!

To all MO Users: You may encounter problems when installing via the MO, that is why I suggest you to use the Manual install until this sorts itself out. Thanks

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  • Q: What do I need to play?
A: You just need Skyrim and the latest official update. No DLC or other mods required.
  • Q: Of what quality is this mod?
A: The Mod strives for the highest quality possible from a first time Mod-maker.
  • Q: Is this mod compatible with another Mod that changes Riften? 
A: I don't know, if not there should be an optional .esp which moves the location. Download the "basnpcNR.esp" and rename it to "basnpc.esp"    then replace the old .esp with that and it should function.
  • Q: How long is the mod?
A: About 2-3 hours, depending on if you use fast travel or not.
  • Q: Is this mod Immersive?
A: The Immersion scientist say yes!

The Voice actors. Without them this mod would not be the same, they really brought the Characters to life! 
Fabian. For getting this Mod ship-shape, and helping to find all the bugs!
The Mod-making community for being so supporting of new Modders!
Bethesda for Inspiring a new genertation of Devs
Meg, You helped so much but never got to see it published, If not for you this mod would not have been what it is. Rest in peace.
And most of all thanks to YOU, the player for supporting me and encouraging me to make future content.