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Palaces Of Skyrim is a collaboration of endless hours of brainstorming and working in an effort to liven up the Jarl's homes in Skyrim. All the 9 holds' palaces have been changed. For some, cleaning up of rubble, for some new rooms and furniture and for some small tweaks. All the palaces and longhouses will look different and better than be

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Hello nexus modders, downloaders and casual browsers, I, rishukingler11, would like to present to you with the mod Palaces Of Skyrim. This mod overhauls all the palaces and longhouses of Skyrim to be brought up to the standards of what it should be, as mentioned in lore and dialogues of people. Everyone in Skyrim, if asked, people would say that Skyrim has grand palaces. But when you enter, you see that your apartment is more beautiful than those ugly places. So, Palaces Of Skyrim was made in an effort to improve upon the Palaces and Longhouses of the 9 holds of Skyrim. This mod changes the Skyrim Jarls' residences while staying true to the original design and lore. This was done by adding more furniture and tweaking the facilities of the Palaces.
All of the palaces have been given a liftoff. The Understone Keep is now clean. The Palace of the Kings and Dragonsreach now pay homage to their histories with better and more furniture and statues. Mistveil Keep supports Mara's temple openly. The Blue Palace now looks like a palace for High Kings and Queens. The long houses have better furniture to get them a more unique look in the court. Castle Dour will have better furniture and a new open balcony overlooking the city outskirts. The porch is seperated by a load screen.
They will look better and more beautful. Screenshots are below.
The Namechanger file shall change the names of The 2 Jarl's Longhouses of Winterhold and Falkreath. Jarl's Longhouse is not even a name. It just means Jarl's Big Manor. Now the namechanger files shall fix that. The Falkreath palace is now called The Green Mist Longhouse and the The Winterhold palace is The Frozen Court. The namechanger files are not included in the All In One File, for convenience of many downloaders who do not want it, but all the palaces. 

Ques - Hey, I don't like this feature, or that. I hate your mod. Would you do it again?
Ans - Hey, I don't like your works either, you homework was just as bad. You get an F. I am sorry, but I cannot change many things about this mod as it is too much work. However, if I really like your idea and it's in my modding capability, I will certainly do it.
Ques - What are going to do next?
Ans - Well, I will keep releasing bug fixes and updates.
Ques - Can I make changes to your mod and re-upload it?
Ans - You might, but it must be only on Nexus and after telling me. Compatibility patches are always supported, but only on Nexus. You must also credit me as the original author.
Ques - Can I upload your mod somewhere else?
Ans - No. If you are caught uploading my files somewhere else, you will have a hard life, maybe even to the court. I don't care if I lose, I will give you a hard life.

I have decided to keep releasing bug fixes and patches.

OpenBooks Resource by Blary 
Paintings and Frames by Artisanix 
Modder's Resource Pack by Oaristys and Tony67 
And to, of course, Bethesda for making Skyrim