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Current Features: Complete Slaver's, Hunter's, and Necromancer's guilds for you to establish and level up.
Allows you to choose from different guild types (Slaver, necromancer, and hunter) and form a guild of that type, with unique "guild halls" and features for each type.

Permissions and credits

Guild Master

-I have discontinued modding until further notice. My financial status is too questionable for me to put much effort into anything besides my career and studies. I"m sorry for this, and I hope you understand. I have included all the source code in every update of the mod since the beginning, so any modders that would like to view it or to make edits to my mod, feel free.

-THIS MOD IS SCRIPT HEAVY, MEANING IT COULD CAUSE LAG AND SAVE BLOATING DOWN THE LINE. Thanks to my own foolishness, I thought it would be simpler for me to do everything through scripts. I have now learned that scripting in the Creation Kit is extremely faulty, and am sorry for this. If I ever get back into modding, The first thing I will be doing is reworking the mod to use as few scripts as possible.

-THE SLAVER'S GUILD, NECROMANCY GUILD AND FLETCHER'S GUILD TYPES ARE FULLY IMPLEMENTED. The other guild types are not in yet. Also, if you notice any bugs with any of the guild types, please inform me.

The Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, the Companions. All these groups allow you to become a member of, and even a leader of a guild of people. But even when you become master of one of these guilds, not once do you ever feel like you're the leader of it. You have no affect on how the guild works, or who is part of the guild, or even what the other guild members do.
That's where this mod comes in. With Guild Master, you will be able to choose between various types of guilds to command, and level them up throughout your game to become guilds to be feared. You will have direct control over who is allowed into your guild, and will be able to actually order your members around.
This mod is not, however, the first of its kind. Sokco's Guild Starter is another such mod that fills this niche in guild mastering. Still, that mod now seems abandoned, and too general for my likings. With how you select a guild type to use in my mod, it allows for me to make very specific things for each guild to do or to gain. If you would like a more general approach to guild mastering, by all means use Sokco's. But if you want something with a little more substance, I'd say this mod's the one for you.

I expect it important to say that this mod CAN kill your guild members, regardless of whether they were essential or not. Also, some guild types (assassin's, barbarian's, etc.) might allow you to kill other people as well, also regardless of the essential setting. I'm going with what feels more immersive for this mod, but this means that this mod has the potential to be game-breaking. Fair warning.

Also, once you choose a guild type, that's pretty much it for the rest of the game. UNLESS you completely reset. Resetting will allow you to start the quest over completely, allowing you to start over from Guild Level 1 and/or choose another guild type; more info on how to do this in the next section.

Slaver's Guild Note:
You MUST make sure to follow your guild members while they do group operations. The scripts and packages currently will not work if your guild members go to unloaded zones. Usually, you must do this until ALL Vanilla NPCs in a targeted settlement are knocked down.

Where to Start:
In Whiterun, you will find an Argonian named Krane hanging around inside the Drunken Huntsman. Speak to him to begin.

IMPLEMENTED FEATURES (If you do not notice any of these features in the game, notify me):
  • The ability to form a guild of a certain type.
  • 30 guild members max (10 at Level 1, 20 at Level 5, 30 at Level 10)
  • 20 guild member followers max
  • The ability to set any area in Skyrim as your Guild Hall, where your members will reside.
  • The ability to order any of your members to do specific, guild-type related jobs.
  • The ability to level up your guild and choose between many perks.
  • The ability to change what all your guild members wear by using a mannequin
  • The ability to actively affect the world around you, depending on your guild. (Ex: Selling a slave off with the Slaver's guild will actually show that slave following around whoever he was sold to)
  • The ability to place a small, guild-specific area for various guild activities (Ex: A dungeon to place slaves in for the Slaver's guild)
  • A fully fleshed out Slaver's Guild type
  • A fully fleshed out Fletcher's (Hunter's) Guild type
  • A guild chest that you can use to pay off or receive payment from your various guild members or other sources of guild resources
  • Randomized skills stored for each member, each affecting either their chances at doing jobs or the time it takes to do jobs.
  • Guild Hall raids/invasions.


You can click on the "Fame" option in the MCM under the Information tab for this mod to get the same information:




Planned Features (Suggestions welcome, but usually low priority):
  • Many other guild types, including:
    • Alchemist's
    • Assassin's
    • Barbarian's
    • Bard's
    • Craftsmen's
    • Fighter's
    • Monster Hunter's
    • Mage's
    • Merchant's
    • Mercenary's
    • Monk's
    • Skooma Dealing
    • Thief's
    • Army
    • Ruffian's (Hired Thugs, etc)

  • Vanilla Guild Relationships
  • Operations completing without you having to watch over them
  • Individuality among guild members
  • Have misc NPC's show up at your Guild Hall to request to become a member
  • Religious guild type(s)
  • Story/Guild Member Drama
  • Chances for guild members to mutiny or leave (ties in with Story and Individuality planned features)
  • List capabilities of each recruit
  • Set thief members as fencers
  • Have NPCs hire you to do certain guild-related jobs
  • Have guild members be assigned homes or patrol areas.

  • SKYUI and SKSE

Slaver's Guild
  • Generally, there could be many problems with group operations. As they try to target all the NPCs of a specific location, if that NPC is somewhere else, because of a quest or something, your operation may never actually complete. If the offending quest is a vanilla quest, inform me, and I'll fix it. Otherwise, I've at least tried to make sure the targeted citizens aren't dead, married to you, or disabled.
  • Don't reload while you're doing a group operation. It really messes things up, though I don't really know why. You can still quit the game and reload from the main menu, though. It should still work then.
  • I've noticed sometimes the dialogue won't appear when you meet your guild members at the location for a group operation. If this happens to you, reloading from before you started the operation and starting it over may help.
  • If your guild member is imprisoned, in some locations it will show the wrong location in the MCM. If you can't find your guildmate where the MCM says they are, try going to any of the other Hold jails, or use "player.moveto NPCID" (NPCID being your guildmate's reference ID) in the console to get to their cell instantly.
Necromancer's Guild
  • After a job, all holds may deem you kill-on-sight. I have not looked into this, so I do not know what causes this yet.
  • Script heavy, meaning potential lag and save-bloating.

Untested, but I tried to make this mod as isolated as possible, to avoid incompatibility issues. Should work with other follower mods as well, but not sure. If you notice anything wrong, just inform me and I'll update this section.
Should work fine with Guild Starter.
Works completely fine with Perkus Maximus and other guilds of that kind. The guild perks are completely separate from the game's perk system.

Change Log:
Moved to the Change Log tab on the Nexus page.

Use NMM or place everything from the archive into your Data folder.

Use NMM, or delete TheGuildMaster.esp and TheGuildMaster.bsa

Will update this as I get more questions I feel are important to address: