Battlemage Boots by Sasquatcho
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Added: 31/01/2012 - 11:35PM
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Last updated at 0:22, 1 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 23:35, 31 Jan 2012

This is a standalone boot retexture of the draugr boots.


I made this so I could complete the College Mage (Battlemage) armor
in my other mod.

I just started modding so I'll try to not piece off all the parts to my mods
in the future.

The boots are considered CLOTH so they have 0 armor. They are just for looks if you want the whole cloth wearing experience - Like I do in RL everyday :)
The Light Armor version, these have an armor rating of 25 and are also upgradeable.

They are craftable at the forge under the daedric section
(still don't know why it automatically sends them there)

The item code for them is 2100100 if you don't want to bother.
But be aware the first two digits will most likely be different so you can
"help battlemage 0" to find them.



Drag and drop the data folder and install it in your skyrim folder.

Make sure the .esp file is in the data folder and make sure to check the
"load loose files" before you start the game.