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Complete retexture of Windhelm. Lore and FPS friendly.

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Authentic Windhelm
Lore and fps friendly textures

By Laast

Authentic Cities project also includes:
Authentic Whiterun
Authentic Solitude
Authentic Riften

This textures pack replaces every vanilla exterior textures of Windhelm. It aims to give a natural and beautiful looking to one the most important cities of Skyrim.

Windhelm is known to be the oldest city of Man on Tamriel, also known as the City of Kings. Despite the ravage of time, Windhelm has preserved its ancient splendor.

Initialy this textures pack was made for Purity as an optional file, but obviously it was a simplier solution to create a new, stand alone file. So people who don't use or know Purity can also enjoy my work.


- What resolution are these textures?
Globaly they are twice the vanilla size. As usual in my mods, I try to find the best balance between great visual and no framerate loss. This mod doesn't go against that rule.

- Will you make UHD/4k versions?
Nope, no need to ask.

Is it compatible with my city overhaul?
Yes, as long as your overhaul uses vanilla textures for extra items/objects added. In any way, it WILL be compatible but I can't promise it will be visualy nice.

- Will you work on other cities?

- What ENB/mods did you use in your screenies?
No ENB, only Purity.

AlcoholSwabs for his capital symbols.