About this mod

Reworks ash magic in Skyrim, adding 7 new spells, new weapons, a new armor set, and a small player home.

Permissions and credits
The Telvanni Dust Adepts of Vvardenfell were powerful alteration mages who used their magic to control small particles of material, such as ash or dust. Thought to be disbanded after their exile from Vvardenfell, the adepts continued to practice their powerful ash magic in secret. On occasion the Adepts recruit mages who show promise with ash magic.

This mod reworks ash magic in Skyrim, adding a more logical casting system, and 7 new spells.
To start the mod:

  • 7 New ash based spells
  • A new small player home
  • A new armor set (weight is based on your armor skills)
  • A new book

To obtain the new spells, simply read the book "Of Dust and Ash" and you will be granted all spells available for your Alteration level.

Ash Gout: (Novice)  Heated ash and embers cause 8 damage per second. Target's movement is slowed for 5 seconds.

Ash Dampening: (Apprentice) Ash clings to your feet, silencing your footsteps for 3 minutes.

Ash Blast: (Apprentice) A ball of ash is hurled into to target at high speeds, causing 25 damage, and setting the target off balance.

Ash Ward: (Apprentice) Creates a wall of ash to block enemy spells. Casting just as an enemy charges at you with a weapon will cause them to be thrown back by a blast of ash. (Power attacking enemies are knocked back within 5 seconds of initial cast)

Ash Cloak: (Adept) Cause ash to whirl around you, damaging enemies within close range.

Ash Skin: (Adept) Cover yourself in a layer of hardened ash. When hit enemy weapons glance off, reflecting 15% of damage.

Ash Shell: (Adept) Cause a thick Shell of hardened ash to cover your target, stopping them from being able to move.

Ash Rune (Expert): Place a rune to trap enemies who step in it in a shell of ash.

Ash Storm: (Master) Creates an ash storm to buffet your enemies with ash, causing continuous damage to anyone around you.


All armor comes in either Clothing, Light , or Heavy. You will get clothing if both of your armor skills are under 30, otherwise you will get armor equivalent to your highest skill.

Dust Adept Helm: Your ash spells last 20% longer, +50 Magicka

Dust Adept Robes: Your ash spells are 25% stronger, +150% Magicka Regen

Dust Adept Gloves: Alteration spells cost 20% less to cast

Dust Adept Boots: 20% Magic restistance

Ash Urn/Ash Backpack: The most important piece of equipment, this container full of ash allows you to cast ash based spells.

You can create ash weapons with Spawn ash and Heart Stones at the new workbench in your Ash Hovel

Ash Dagger: Equal to Glass, Does 10 points of ash damage and slows target for 5 seconds

Ash Sword: Equal to Glass, Does 10 points of ash damage and slows target for 5 seconds

Ash Greatsword: Equal to Glass, Does 10 points of ash damage and slows target for 5 seconds

Dust Adept Staff: Can be converted to cast Ash Gout, Ash Blast, or Ash Shell.