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Large house near Purewater and Hags Rock Redoubt. Can have up to 4 children and 2 followers. Has crafting room with all accommodations. Portable sort chest, numerous teleporters, huge gardening room and multiple treasure displays.

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A fully equipped player home situated in the mountainside between Purewater Run and Hags Rock Redoubt.  A multiple adoption friendly home, can shelter up to 4 children and 2 followers.
I created this mod specifically to my playing style. I liked to have most items close at hand without having to run around the block for a soul gem or to harvest a plant.  This mod originally was just a crafting room and over time evolved to a fully functional house.  While I still spent 90% of my time in the crafting room and garden, I rather like how it went from hovel to home.  Not to mention it made attracting a spouse much easier.  I'm at the twilight of my Skyrim adventuring.  My modding efforts were strictly for personal use, but after a year of bloody battle with the Creation Kit, I figured I should upload at least one mod so that I could have something to show for my efforts.  This mod doesn't really have any "gee whiz" features that you use once and then never again.  Most of the features put into this home were for functional gaming use. 

Panoramic view of the mountains and waterfall. Enclosed porch, horse stall and wood chopping block.
Main Living space has an Elder Scroll and Paragon Gem display
Crafting Room contains: 
  • All crafting stations (Staff, Alchemy, Enchanting, Spider Chest, Anvil,Smelter, Blacksmith Wheel, Blacksmith Workbench, Tanning Rack)
  • Named storage for just about everything except food, which is located in the kitchen 
  • Treasure Displays (Dragon Mask,Dragon Claw, Jars)
  • Portable Sort Chest which can be used in the house or summoned when adventuring (Spellbook is located to the left of the sort chest) 
  • Teleport Panel with 32 locations.  This is color coded for player houses (you must own them to teleport), cities where there are no player homes, Orc strongholds and Guild related locations. This mod does add a very small portal door to each of the locations, but this should not effect any other mods. You can also use those portals to teleport back to the house.
Garden has 56 plots (and I seriously don't think that was enough)
Kitchen has oven and cooking pot
Loft has an additional bed, a Black Book Display and all Shrines.
Child Bedroom can accommodate up to 4 children. (Must use the Hearthfire Multiple Adoption Mod)
Master Bedroom has a secret room that contains a coffin for vampires who want to remain in the closet (literally)
Spare Bedroom is... just that
Throughout the house, there are numerous weapon racks/plaques and an over abundance of storage containers. (Crafting room has a garbage can, it probably goes without saying, but don't store stuff there)

How to get there:
For those of you that like to hunt: Somewhere between Purewater Run and Hags Rock Redoubt.  Stick to the road, you should be able to see it from there.
For those of you that are impatient: Console command to interior: coc nuule   Console command for exterior: cow tamriel -40,-6

The house is not locked.  However, for those of you that like to have keys, there's one near the patio table.
Thank you to:
Wicker Set -Garnet 
Modder'sResource Pack - Oaristys & Tony67
Modder'sResource Pack - The Witcher Extension by Oaristys 
StrotisKitchen Tools - Stroti and Tamira
StrotisOvens Resource - Stroti and Tamira
Berts BitsAnd Bobs Resources For Modders - berticus0001 
Resourcesfor Modders - Runspect
Tlaffoon's Rugs and Tapestries

I have been playing with this mod for over a year.  I think I've included all the resources I've used, but if I've missed yours, I apologize - please let me know so that I can add it.