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An aesthetic overhaul for hundreds of characters from Kris Takahashi's Interesting NPCs mod.

Permissions and credits

This is a large-scale aesthetic overhaul, currently covering 220+ characters,
for Kris Takahashi's legendary mod Interesting NPCs. Most were given new hairstyles from Apachii SkyHair and more detailed face tints. Some got new outfits as well.


** WITH both of the up-to-date Male & Female hair packs **
Main version 1.6+, Female Hair 1.5+, Male Hair 1.2+

Your game will crash horribly without ALL THREE of these files!

Note: This mod took a long time to make!
When I started work on it, there were NO aesthetic overhauls for Interesting NPCs available.
Between when I started it and when I finished it, two others have been released.
If you don't like what I did here, please try THIS ONE or THIS ONE.

I may or may not expand this mod in the future. 
Feel free to request updates to characters I did not cover yet, if you feel they deserve attention. 
Please do not ask me to make changes to characters I already covered; I would react with hostility.

                   Who does this mod cover?

  • Most followers & Super Followers.
  • Most named characters.
  • A lot of unnamed characters.
  • Probably some duplicate characters and currently unused characters; it can be hard to tell.
  • Anybody who seemed like they needed a haircut.
  • See the README for a fairly complete list of edited NPCs!

                     Who does this mod specifically NOT cover?

  •   Vampires - Already covered by my complete vampire overhaul mod Hott Vampires.
  •   Children - patches for 3DNPC already exist for good mods like RS Kids.
  •   Argonians and Khajiits - with rare exception, as they have little use for hairstyles and face tints.
  •   Characters who I thought already looked really cool without my help.

                     Does this mod come with custom textures?

  •   Nope, it will use whatever textures you already have installed.
  •   Results may vary from what you see in my screenshots!

                     MORE SCREENSHOTS?

  •   Uh is that a question?
  •   I overhauled hundreds of characters and I don't have time to get pictures of all of them!
  •   See the README for written details about who I changed, how and why!
  •   I will try to add more characters to my image gallery as I encounter them in the game!
  •   Please submit screenshots of Hott Interesting NPCs as you find them in your own game!

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