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This file replaces the default female eventoned voice.

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Makes the 'Eventoned' voice sound younger, Lydia uses this voice, for example. Also included in the file is an optional folder that replaces the "Fus ROH DAH!" from Draugrs to just "Fus!"
Permission has now been granted from original author as she has contacted me.
Thank you HotBunUponTyne.

(Thanks to user Iwillnevertell for supplying this video!)

Manual users: Simply extract the folder to the Skyrim directory (C:\...steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\).
NMM users: Just activate the .zip right away!

Obviously any other mod that changes the human eventoned voice and the Draugr shout.

Q: Can you replace my character's female voice to this?
A: The files only include the Eventoned ID.

Q: Can you replace other NPCs female voice to this?
A: Again, sorry, no.

Q: I speak to Lydia but her voice is the same?!
A: The files included in this archive are combat replacers, such as two-handed swings, power attacks and general grunts and moans ensued within combat.

Q: I want to keep the Draugr voice, how do I?
A: Remove the 'crdraugrvoice' folder.

Last updated: 12.02.2012 19:22 (GMT+0)