About this mod

A beautifully crafted, fiercely protected two-tier castle settlement worthy of the Dovahkiin. This fortress is unlike any other place you will find in the Nexus or Skyrim today.

Permissions and credits
  • Polish

Have you ever wished that there was a place in Skyrim that didn't look like it was put together with a bunch of matchsticks? Or a place that if breached, could withstand the onslaught instead of being bulldozed over like it was defended by cute little bunnies with arrows in their knees? If so then I have built your paradise. Only in Radun do you have fearless guards that will fight for you to the death. Only in Radun can you feel proud to rule and defend its honour and beauty against all who would do it harm. Only in Radun could you find walls that actually protect its defenders. Radun is under your banner and it is a sight to behold. Crafted in Tamriel world itself, Radun Castle offers the ability to see the world change, to see its factions go at one another and to bathe in their blood if they try to come for you. I have created something that Skyrim and this Nexus desperately needed. A new lore friendly place where you can come back to after a hard day of exploring. You will however have to earn your entry.


  • A motte-and-bailey style settlement forged in Tamriel itself with re-purposed and re-textured meshes to fit my unique vision. Each texture is of high quality and some range from 2-4k. The area is hand navmeshed with normal, water and preferred path navmeshes.  

  • Includes 16+ custom npc guards with unique variants of vanilla armours. There are 4 types of npc guards and they each have their own specialties to compliment each other. Each npc guard follows a night or day patrol/sandbox/sleep schedule that I have set up to give the settlement a great amount of life. No matter what time of day, your settlement will be defended.

  • Two married, npc merchants with their store Reign of Fire. One of the merchants is a blacksmith and the other is a misc vendor. They sell somewhat typical wares but given the wealth of Radun, they sell more processed ores of a specific kind as well as a few more trinkets.

  • A fully functional mine containing ores that Whiterun Hold does not have or is in short supply. The mine contains gold, silver, corundum, moonstone, quicksilver and ebony. the amounts are somewhat balanced but given the stature of Radun, gold is in great supply. 

  • Two tier settlement. The first level is where most of the guards patrol and go about their days. It contains the Reign of Fire store, Radun Lodge as well as the Royal Barracks. The second tier is only accessible from a bridge that spans the two tiers. Here you will find the Radun Mine and across the bridge you will find a beautiful courtyard and your estate home.

  • A working drawbridge with a lever spanning a rapidly moving river. If you jump or fall into this river, you will be thrown off the edge of the cliffside and into lake moat below. Why you ask? DEFENSE. PLUS IT IS AWESOME! 

  • A stunning and handcrafted player estate home that reflects your journey across Tamriel and the treasures you would have kept and displayed in your home. There is also some secrets in your home that you will have to discover for yourself. Explore the basement when you can. Here you will find wicked things ;) 

  • All interior "window" lights have exterior emmitance so they change by the time of day and weather conditions. Most candle lights have inverted emmitance so they come on when the day lights change (night). This is to add a connected, immersive feel.

  • Multiple adoptions (up to 4) as well as many things for the children to do around the home and castle grounds for an immersive feel. Child`s bedroom is included as well.

  • Updated dinner hall with 8 chairs for the whole family and revamped layout to fit the scheme.

  • Due to popular demand and the will of the fine ladies and gents who messaged me, I`ve updated the armoury to feature a very cool place to store tons of goodies as well as a daedric specific storage area. Enjoy :)
  • Updated the library to have some extra storage space under the table, as well as added a few book shelves for players to add a personal touch to their rooms.  

Now Compatible with Hearthfire multiple adoptions by TMPheonix! Pair this mod with his to have the multiple adoptions run smoothly!


  • Fixed 21 deleted navmesh references using TES5EDIT (no longer cause CTDs)
  • Added a tranquil bathroom in the basement. Basement has been optimized with portals so there will be no fps hit.
  • Added a smallish room in the main hall with 6 beds for those looking to start a guild or have followers stay with them.
  • Fixed all of the floating land and objects and a good amount of cosmetic stuff that was bothering me. Clipping was fixed as well.
  • Split the mod into 4 seperate versions:
-----ULTRA-----(original, 2-4k graphics): Same changes as above as well as some minor flora and havok item removal.
-----HIGH-----(2,4k graphics): More flora removal and repositioning as well as replacement of alot of havok items with static versions. Ground textures changes as well
-----MID-----(1k graphics): Even more flora removal, some static mesh removal as well as a chicken and cow.
----LOW----(vanilla High Res): Most flora removal and some more static changes.   

Due to the sheer lack of LOD data for alot of objects, I have opted to 3D model some new meshes to help lower the polygon amount by quite a bit. It will look better and run smoother. This will be done for a future version that I am starting tomorrow. 


This settlement is located down the road from Fort Greymoor. You won't miss it. It is literally right beside it. The main gate will be locked and the only way to get in is to follow the instructions in the letter attached to it. If you have achieved the terms of the letter you will have no problem getting in. There is no other way into the castle except through the front gate.


A simple procedure. If you prefer to install it manually, extract the data folder into your main Skyrim directory. If you are like me and prefer an easier way, install using the Nexus Mod Manager. It will be easier for install as well as uninstall. I recommend a new game to allow for everything to be loaded properly. This alters the landscape pretty heavily and adds new scripts for the multiple adoptions so I don't want you guys to run into issues.

For the Update, just uninstall the original mod and install the new version or whatever version of the file you want.


This mod is compatible with every other mod except for ones that occupy or have events in the area where my castle is. The Warzones mod (specifically the approaching fort greymoor battle) is the only one that comes semi close but it is just on the other side of the moat so it is all good! Gives my guards some target practice.

NOTE: This is my first mod but not my final one. Each one I create will be exponentially more complex. As I finish this one, I am already planning and sketching my new mod. I am an artist so collaboration is a natural part of my craft. If any of you have ideas that you need help with or any ideas you want to bounce off of me, I am more than willing to lend a hand :)


NebuLa1 - For his permission in using some of his Skyrim HD assets. Thank-you Alex you majestic creature you :D
marcello1997 - For his italian translation of my low version mod. Grazie mille :D
TMPheonix - For his guide to make my mod Multiple Adoptions compatible.
Ultimate Immersion - For their beautiful video of the mod. It is amazing. Check out their youtube channel for others like it!