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3.01>3.02 esp Changed.
uninstall old version and then install new version.
3.03-06 meshes and texture fix only.

Race : Nord
Sex : male
Age : 22
Height:1.08 Weight:50
Voice : MaleYoungEager
Location : Whiterun Jorrvaskr Living Quarters

Race : Nord
Sex : male
Age : 35
Height:1.04 Weight:30
Voice : MaleEvenToned
Location : Whiterun Jorrvaskr Living Quarters

Race : Breton
Sex : male
Age : 35
Height:1.06 Weight:40
Voice : MaleEvenTonedAccented
Location : Whiterun Hall of the Dead

esp only.

nif , nif and textures
Please overwrite.


Face Light

Better males - Beautiful nudes and faces
Smooth Male Body
Enhanced Character Edit
Smooth Faces for Ladies and Gents
The Eyes Of Beauty
Smile in HD
KS Hairdos - Renewal
Eyebrow Specularity Fix
Radioragae's Younger male face project
Unmasked Faces - no green detailmaps for complexion and necks
El Men's Underwear(Elza)
Dvahkiin's Jerkin(Q-Ta)

Used for Screenshots
aMidianBorn Book of Silence
Apachii Divine Elegance Store
Cloaks of Skyrim
Omegared99 - Armor Compilation
Scarves of Skyrim - Lore-friendly Remix edition
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Face Light

Antique Dragon ENB


I’m not good at English.
Japanese version only.