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Version 2.0 is up. Standalone follower or replacer for Aela the Huntress.

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This is my take on Aela the Huntress. I love Aela, but her vanilla face is horrible. There are a couple of replacers out there that remedy this but I've never particularly liked any of them. So I made one myself. :)

Since the original release I have learned quite a bit about making followers and NPC characters, and while the first two versions weren't bad, I feel they were seriously lacking in many areas. I finally got around to updating everything, and I'm extremely pleased with the result - here's what has changed:

- One single version of Aela, instead of two. Consider it the 'best of' album of the original replacers. ;)
- New and improved eye and brow textures, new warpaints, and a lighter skin tone
- My special blend of hi-rez skin textures and normalmaps
- All-in-one fomod installer
- A fix for the werewolf bug (crossing my fingers on this one, it's working in my game but has not been extensively tested yet)
- And, of course, a matching standalone follower that can be used in conjunction with or separately from the replacer

I'm leaving all of the original files and versions of this mod in the download section in case anyone wants them. They will not be getting any updates.


Nothing required, just plug and play.


Install via NMM. Uninstall via NMM. Both Aela and Eleanor have full FOMOD installers with CBBE/UNP body options and all of the eye colors/warpaints to choose from (including no warpaint if you want it).

I wouldn't install manually if I were you, but I'm not, and you can do what you want I guess.


Welp, I've fixed some of my earlier mistakes in the .esp, and implemented some kind of fix for the werewolf bug. So far it's worked for me. The werewolf bug is a known problem with Aela caused by her scripted werewolf transformation in the underforge (when she turns you, during the Companions questline). After this part in the game players have reported Aela's face turns black/vanilla and has weird problems with textures if they had a replacer installed. If this bug persists I will have to admit defeat, but let's hope version 2.0 has the solution. *nervous sweats*

Skin textures are mostly 4k but they have been properly compressed with mipmaps and shouldn't impact performance unless you are potato gaming. If your rig can't handle 4k, feel free to replace her textures with different ones. I recommend Pride of Valhalla or Real Girls.


Q: Her face is black/dark/vanilla/etc
A: god dommot (see above)

Q: Can I use the replacer and the follower together?
A: Yep

Q: Will you add x body type compatibility?
A: No, but you can replace the meshes yourself pretty easily. They're under meshes\actors\character\aela (or eleanor)\body. XPMSE skeletons included so boob physics are supported if you want to use a BBP/TBBP/HDT body.

Q: I don't like your replacer, it's too young/old/pretty/wrong skin color/this isn't what I think Aela should look like in my game!
A: Erm, not to be rude, but I make mods to fit my personal tastes, and if you just don't like them then there are plenty other options available. Thanks!

Q: Can I host this on my mod site?
A: No, sorry. There's too many nexus-exclusive resources in it. You're free to share the pictures and link to it, though.

Q: Can I make a video of this?
A: Please do! I'll add it to the file description if you send me the link. :)

Q: Can you help me make a follower?
A: I would love to, but unfortunately the process is too complicated to explain very well, and I am asked way too often to actually respond to these inquiries/be of any real assistance. If you have a specific problem (like, really specific) I might try to get back to you. Also I'm kind of an idiot about lots of things. FYI I learned all my tricks from google and practice.

Q: Are you making more followers??!?!??
A: Maybe, if I can find the time. ;)


Many of the assets used in this mod were not created by me. Please seek out individual authors to get their permission for asset use. If you are interested in improving this mod in some way, send me a PM and I will be happy to add it in. Please do not re-host this without my permission (and the permissions of all authors involved) or upload your own fixes separate from this file.


I would like to give a thank you the size of the moon to Izzy (ista3) for being an AMAZING beta tester! This would have never seen the light of day without her!

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded and endorsed this mod (and my other mods) already, your support is always appreciated.

Thank you to all the work of the Skyrim modding community, without which none of this would exist.

Thank you to the nexus community for your support and inspiration.

Lastly, thank you Bethesda for creating such a masterpiece of a game.


The Eyes of Beauty

Eye Normal Map Fix


Mature Skin 2

Pride of Valhalla

Real Girls Realistic Body Texture

SG Female Textures Renewal

Fair Skin Complexion

Zoe's normal map

HN66s Long Eye Lashes

H.U.E. - Handmade Unique Eyes

KS Hairdos




Better Hand Mesh for UNP

Various warpaints by TairenSoul

Freckle Mania

XCE - Brows

*if I have neglected to give proper credit for something, please inform me ASAP!!!*

Mods used in the screenshots are:

Grim and Somber ENB: Vaermina

Rampage ENB

Snapdragon Prime ENB

Wolf Bikini Armor

Book of UUNP

aMidianBorn retextures