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Model and HD texture replacer for all Noble Beds throughout Skyrim, in 18 color and style choices!

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This mod is now also part of my new mod
 Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul...I'd strongly suggest using that mod instead!!

Continuing the Snazzy HD Noble Furniture series, I've made new HD Noble Bed models and textures for all of the noble beds in your choice of 18 colors and styles for each of the 3 types of noble beds!

The included images show the beds with noble furniture textures from NobleSkyrimMod HD-2K by Shutt3r (which is my personal favorite set of noble furniture).  HOWEVER, I seperated the mattresses, pillows, and drapery from the bedframes, so you can use your favorite noble furniture textures with this mod no problem.

There are 2 install options:
1)  MIx-n-Match plugin (.esp) that replaces every noble bed in Skyrim with a mix of all of my color/style choices based on best environment fit, area color scheme, and lighting.   This includes all noble beds in vanilla Skyrim and DLCs, as well as any other mods adding standard noble bed models.  

2)  Custom install letting you choose one color/style each to replace noble single beds and noble double beds (01 and 02).  This is just a model/texture replacer...less variety, but no plugin needed.

Compatibility and Load Order
Mix-n-Match plugin version:
  • Can conflict with any mod that makes any kind of change to any noble beds.  My recommendation is to load this mod high up in your load order, before any mods like Cutting Room Floor, Immersive Citizens, any lighting mods, any mods altering player homes, etc.   
  • You will want to load this plugin version AFTER any other noble bed mesh replacer, or if load order starts becoming too complex, you can remove/disable any other noble bed mesh replacers.
  • I will be including patches for other mods that significantly conflict with this...make sure you load the patch after all associated mods.
  • Usleeep, Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn DLCs required for Mix-n-Match version

Custom Replacer Version/s:
  • The customer replacer versions do not have a plugin so shouldn't conflict with any other mods.   Just be sure to load these replacers after any other mod that would change noble bed mesh.

For either the plugin version or replacer version, don't worry about load order of other noble bed texture mods.  As long as my beds load, the textures are hard-coded to them.

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