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This mod changes NPCs eating AI. NPC can take food items and consume it with playing the eating animations. If NPC eats a poisoned apple, NPC will die. In other words, this mod revives the eating AI Package similar to Oblivions one.

Permissions and credits
Real Eat Package - AI Package for Poisoned Apples -

The introduction video.

In Skyrim, NPCs never consume food items. They just play the eating animation with a tankard or with bread.
This mod changes their eating AI. NPC can take food items and consume it with playing the eating animations. If NPC eats a poisoned apple, NPC will die. In other words, this mod revives the eating AI Package similar to Oblivion's one.

:: Caution!! ::
This is the default repracement of the AI Package Template "Eat" in "Skyrim.esm". It mean this mod completely change any NPC's AI behavior who run AI Package based on "Eat" Package Templete, even if this eating AI package is added by mods.

:: Requirements ::

:: how to update ::
  1. Overwrite the old version .
  2. Start the game and open MCM menu of this mod.
  3. untick the enable/disable RealEatPackage option and tick the option again. Close MCM menu and enjoy the new version.

:: Compatibility ::
This mod have compatibility with other mods without any patches.
If NPC has a eating AI package based on the AI package template "Eat", This mod works on the eating AI package.
If there are new food items added by mods and if these items are categorize as Food, NPC can recognizes and eat them without any patches.

-- Compatibility  Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul(ICAIO) --
ICAIO doesn't use any Eat AI packages based on the vanilla AI template "Eat", so this mod cann't work on NPCs who have ICAIO's AI packages. If you want for some citizens to eat your food items by their own default eating AI, turn off ICAIO in your current hold via ICAIO's MCM until your work is done.
REP has also the original Eat AI packages for some targets of Dark Brotherhood, enemies in dungeons, NPCs in an inn. These AI packages can override ICAIO's AI packages only when these AI needs to work.

:: New "Eat" AI Behavior ::
Citizens(NPC) find food items in their eating place and pick up one of them, then they will eat this food item actually. They never take food items belong to others except the player.
When NPC has a food item in one's own inventory, this NPC always eat it. If NPC doesn't have any food items, some of them will start to search food items or food containers in the eating location. And take a food item nearest to oneself.
When NPC can't find valid food items, NPC only plays the eating animations or just strolls by Sandbox AI. Only NPCs who are in a loaded area can find food items and eat them.

If you like NPC to eat your cooked dish, there are three ways for preparing food before NPC's mealtime.
  1. Place your food in NPC's inventory. (Most recommended. This may work on any NPCs)
  2. Place your food in an container. (Secondly Recommended)
  3. Drop your food near NPC or at their eating place. (This method only works under limited conditions and mostly needs two spells, "Place Items" and "Placed Item Illusion" mentioned below)

If you try the first method, remove all food items from NPC's inventory before placing your special dish.
If you try the second or the third method, remove all food items from their inventory and their eating place before placing your special dish.
After the preparation, wait in the same area with NPC until NPC starts to eat.

:: New spells: "Place Items", "Placed Item Illusion" ::
There is a problem that NPC fails to recognise items dropped from the player's inventory (especially in a interior cell). It would be in the specifications of the game system. So I made two spells against the problems. These spells aren't the perfect solution but will work enough.

Place Items
Cast this spell. A container menu will be opened. Move your food items to a container. Close the menu, and the items are droped on the ground. Grab an item and move it near NPC or NPC's eating location.
The items dropped by this spell are in the special ownership (especially when you cast this spell in a interior cell).

Placed Item Illusion (Duration: 5 minuts)
Cast it to NPC. NPC will get to take the item which Place Items spell dropped. If NPC is outside, NPC sometimes would take the item without this illusion spell.
This spell add the special ownership to NPC and this ownership is required for NPC to take an item which Place Items spell dropped.

:: Eat AI Package for Enemies ::
When you enter a dungeon or a camp, this mod start a quest for distributing eating AI package to some NPCs(not all NPCs). Mostly NPCs in a dungeon or a camp are enemies. NPC will eat at their mealtime. You can defeat them with your poisoned food. Their mealtime starts at random time and continue for one hour. Some eat 2 times and others eat more than 3 times in a day. NPC assgined eating AI can recognize food items placed by Place Items spell without Placed Item Illusion (Placed Item Illusion won't work enemies who are assigned Eating AI by this mod They will resist the spell, so you can know whether or not NPC is assigned Eat AI).

/Start time/
Breakfast: 6:00, 7:00, 8:00
Lunch: 11:00, 12:00, 13:00
Dinner: 18:00, 19:00, 20:00
Supper: 0:00, 2:00

- Slipping poisoned food into enemy's inventory is always the most recommanded method.
- If the sneak skill is low, we couldn't slip food into enemy's inventory. And sometimes it's very difficult to clear food items near enemies. Try to roll poisoned food near a target. The spell "Telekinesis" might be useful.
- Creature, Vampires and Ghosts will not eat.

:: Eat AI Packages for Inns ::
When you enter an inn, this mod start a quest for distributing eating AI package to NPCs who are in the inn at the time, except for your current followers. If it needs, re-enter the inn.
NPCs will start their meal at random time and continue their meal for a half hour. This AI Quest is very similar to the quest mentioned above.
NPC assigned eating AI can recognize food items placed by "Place Items" spell without "Placed Item Illusion" ("Placed Item Illusion" won't work NPCs who are assigned Eating AI).
Some NPCs will ask food from an innkeeper if they don't have food items. If there is an inn server, the server will serve food to NPC who has no food item.

/Start time/
Breakfast 8:00 - 10:30
Lunch 12:00 - 13:30
Dinner 19:00 - 22:00

/The additional dialogue/
You can give food to NPC. Speak to NPC when you are in an inn, the Drunken Huntsman or Haelga's bunkhouse. NPC will take one food item or one potion from you via a container(gift) menu, then NPC eat or drink it. If you treat NPC many times, NPC will be your friend. The higher your Speech skill, the more effective your treatment. But if you give them a poison potion or poisoned food(huge damage on health), NPC will hate you. If NPC die during your treatment, guards would come to arrest you.
The treat dialogue won't appear on any NPCs and not appear always. Especially, during the treated NPC eat your food, the treat dialogue never appear on the other NPCs. 

:: Dark Brotherhood Quests ::
It's possible to assassinate targets with poisoned apples. This mod adds or modifies target's Eat AI Packages. Most target will eat their food at mealtime. Check a target's daily schedule by slipping an apple into the target's pocket. If the target has an eating AI package, the target will eat it at mealtime. If the target doesn't eat the apple, this target wouldn't have eating AI packages.

:: Mod Configuration Menu ::
This mod have the Mod Configuration Menu. You can enable or disable this mod always and can set the scope of this mod; All NPC, only Targets of Dark brotherhood or only enemies and patrons in an inn. 

:: Known issue ::
  • Play the picking up items sound and the eating sound regardless of the distance from the player when NPC take food items and eat. I couldn't fix it.
  • NPC would eat an quest item, if the quest item is food. Lod in Falkreath has a food item for a quest, but the quest will go without troubles even if he eats the item. However when you play a new quest that you don't know about the scenario, disable this mod.
  • The Enemy EatPackage Quest sometimes fail to start. Leave from the location into the distance and approach again. But if the location has appropriate keywords, the quest never starts.
  • Sometimes NPC fails to eat in spite of having food items in the inventory.
  • There is Sandbox AI. NPC can play the eating animations with this AI, but never consume food items. This Sandbox AI is used on some NPCs, instead of Eat AI. In this case, NPC never eat food items, even though the NPC play the eating animations.

:: Load order ::
Before some mods which change NPC's AI or which are AI overhauls.

:: Uninstalling ::
  1. Disable this mod in MCM.
  2. If there are any NPCs who have the magic effect of "Place Item Illusion" or who have the effects of this mod's food items, wait the effects are over. It's good to use Sleep-Wait menu.
  3. Save and quit the game. Uninstall this mod.

:: Poisoned recipes ::
This mod has a few poisoned food recipe for NPC.

  • Poisoned Apple:  10 points damage for 60 seconds.
  • Soul Trap Apple:  Poisoned Apple + Soul Trap (Wait target's death with a black soul gem in your inventory.)
  • Frenzy Carrot:  Frenzy for 30 seconds.
  • Fury Tomato:  Frenzy for 30 seconds, the movement speed and the weapon speed get faster.
  • Fear Potato:  Fear for 30 seconds, movement speed gets faster.
  • Calm Leek:  Calm for 30 seconds.
  • Hated Gourd:  Frenzy and Fear for 30 seconds, the movement speed gets faster.
  • Magicka Ravage Cabbage:  1000 points Magicka damage for 60 seconds.
  • Canis Root Tea:  Paralysis for 10 seconds.
  • Nirn Root Tea:  Invisible for 10 seconds.
  • Deathbell Wine:  The movement speed gets slower for 20 seconds.
  • Strong Black-Briar Reserve:  Target is stupefied and paralyzed with drink for 20 seconds. This poison starts to work after 10 seconds and NPC falls down for about 20 seconds. When NPC is stupefied, you can do pickpocket safely in the sneaking state and can push NPC in the standing state until 3 times. If this NPC isn't your friend, NPC might alert at the 4th push. NPC can't get up again, if you don't stay in the same cell. Leave the cell after NPC getting up or come back to the cell when you want for NPC to get up. When you taste this by yourself, you'll be just only paralyzed for 20 seconds immediately.

+ If NPC can't get up permanently by Strong Black-Briar Reserve, open the console and click NPC. Then, use the following command.
Console command: ForceAV paralysis 0 

:: Option file "Food pots" ::
Skyrim isn't designed for NPC to consume food items at mealtime. So some NPCs cann't find any valid food items in their eating location. This is very simple mods. It adds food containers respawnable at inns and jarl's houses. NPCs can take food items from these food containers and eat food.

:: Credits ::
SKSE: http://skse.silverlock.org/
SkyUI: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/3863/?
Knockout idea and scripts: NPC Knockout Overhaul by sevencardz and noobzor