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 ~ Narheim Estate ~


This home is Multiple Adoptions friendly and supports up to four children. There are plenty of activities for the children to do and there is more than enough room for you and your entire family. 

Narheim Estate situated near Windhelm and is located on top of the hill past Hollyfrost Farm. 
This home has many features such as:

*Named Storage
*Auto Storage
*Dragon Priest Mask Storage
*Daedric Weapon Storage
*Dynamic Armor Storage





by Adrian Von Zieglr
- Where I Belong  (The Comfort of Home)
- A Celtic Lore  (Dinner by Candlelight)
- Cliffs of Moher  (Gathered Around the Fire)


*Oaristy's & Tony67's Modders Resource Pack
- Various
- Paintings
- Open Books
- Weapon Barrel
- Unique Display Case
- Drapes
*Tamira & Arion:
- Teddy Bears
- Rocking Horse
- Bunny Toys
- Jewelry Box
- Flower Arrangements
- Rugs 

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