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Quick and dirty ESP to add the body dirt textures from Bathing in Skyrim to Racemenu as a bodypaint. Textures not included.

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I decided to make a quick and dirty plugin to let me use the dirt textures from Bathing in Skyrim as a Racemenu body paint.

I've not asked for, and therefore do not have texture distribution permission so you'll need to do a little work yourself.

I use Mod Organiser, these steps are therefore targeted at Mod Organiser users. If you use NMM or Wrye Bash adapt accordingly.

  1. Get and install Bathing in Skyrim from http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/60421/? - I used the Ekirts Ykcul Replacement option.
  2. No need to enable the plugin if you just want the textures.
  3. Open the plugin in explorer (right click the mod in MO, click open in explorer)
  4. Browse to Textures\mzin\Bathe and copy the DirtFX.dds and FilthFX.dds files
  5. Open this mod in explorer and browse to textures\actors\character\overlays
  6. Paste the files.
  7. Enable my plugin and start Skyrim.

You will then see options for BiS - Dirty and BiS - Filthy in your bodypaint textures list in RaceMenu.

You will get neck/wrist/ankle seams. The textures only cover the body. I'm happy to update to include face/hands/feet if people tell me how and provide textures.


It seems according to https://www.loverslab.com/topic/28713-dirt-and-filth-replacement/ that I might be able to distribute texture but to be safe I won't. However, this is the source for the optional textures you get in BiS. If you want 4096x4096, 2048x2048 or 512x512 without the rest of BiS head over to this new link and download the files.

You'll need to rename them as follows:

fxdirty.dds becomes DirtFX.dds
fxfilthy.dds becomes FilthFX.dds