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Aahni: Khajiit barkeep. She will sell and buy adult consumables 9am-11pm anywhere on the estate.

Gayla: Orc blacksmith, with vendor hours anytime she is in the armory. Her normal work hours are M-F 9am-6pm, SS 9am-2pm, but she is a workaholic and will frequently keep later hours.

Mohek: Dunmer estate keeper. His stave vendor hours are 6am-midnight but only if you catch him in the followers' quarters. His day starts with heading out to chop wood at 4am and he remains very busy on the estate throughout the day, but you can catch him at his quarters working at his stave bench around 6am (or shortly after) until 8am. Then you can interrupt his breakfast at 8am before he heads out for a day of labor. Also available most evenings. As long as he is in the followers' quarters, he's available to sell and buy staves.

Rusa: Dunmer cook-housekeeper. She will sell and buy food items 5am-midnight anywhere on the estate. She is the cook and housekeeper for the main house, and you will find her there most of the time.

Wolandmir: Altmer destruction mage, arcane vendor with operating hours 5am-midnight (only if you catch him in the armory). He's there until 2pm every day (except shower days T-Th at 5am when he travels to the followers quarters but then goes back to work at the armory after cleaning up).

Vendor inventory respawns as soon as you re-enter the cell.

(Followers have armor and weapons available in furniture drawers in their living quarters)

Adra, Bosmer Nightingale, marriageable.

Marcantir, Altmer combat conjuration mage, marriageable.

Moir-do, Khajiit, member of the Thieves Guild HQ Riften.

Rodyn, Breton, member of the Dawnguard.

Serpentes, Argonian, member of the Dark Brotherhood.

Tavia & Wayn, Redguard couple and warriors.

Additional Followers: There are 4 rooms available for additional followers you may wish to bring with you to Dragonia. For best experience, use a follower enhancement mod of your choosing. I have tested this using My Home is Your Home (MYiYH 2plus) which works well. Here is the link to that mod: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/62040/? Of course there are other similiar mods that you may prefer to use.


Gog: Orc followers' quarters cook and estate agrarian.

Kati: Nord bard.

Joran and Jessye: Nord elder couple. Joran is lead librarian and his wife is housekeeper in the followers' quarters. They have two daughters.

Senuri and Sienna: Nord twin sisters. Sienna is an apprentice librarian and Senuri is the less experienced bard on the estate.

Elyzabeth, Elyza, and Edwane: Wife and children to Rodyn (Dawnguard follower).

**(The Grotto is a recreational area for you and Dragonia's residents. It is located in the caverns below the estate. Permanent residents will gather there on Saturday and Sunday evening. If you are using a follower mod that allows for control of NPC behaviors, followers that you bring to Dragonia, as well as marriage partners that are also folloewrs, can enjoy this area with you.)

Dragonia uses a simple cloud storage to warehouse your collection. Access points are located in common sense areas, such as next to workbenches, work areas such as kitchens, storage room, crafting labs, safes, wardrobes, scroll shelves, near armory displays, etc. There are no buttons or levers but as you come near an accessible (invisible) activator the option to active the cloud storage will pop up unobtrusively and it should be logical enough so you will quickly get the hang of where to access. A few examples, there is a storage activator behind the blacksmith workbench, there are two activators in the food storage room, there is an armoire activator at the closet wardrobe in the main house player bedroom, and many others. You may place everything you wish to keep in this storage but there are also other options such as vanilla bookshelves and some of the furniture pieces that do not access the cloud storage and store the old fashion way. The cloud and other storage is safe for player/NPC belongings. Additionally, the cloud storage can be accessed in all of the Hold capitals near the entrance to local taverns. (In Whiterun, it is located near the Drunken Huntsman tavern.) These are accessible barrels (with and without snow depending on the climate in the Hold--see example picture in the image area).

For any item you wish to permanently unload, you may toss it in the incinerator located in the Armory. (Fire-pit near the steps leading to the blacksmith area.) This will permanently remove contents as soon as you exit the armory.