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Dragonborn estate offering followers, potential marriage partners, blacksmith, mage, cooks, estate-keepers, bards, & vendors. Huge armory, smithy, arcane area; individual quarters for NPCs. Hearthfire features (with and without adoption versions) offering plantable gardens, livestock, stables & horse, libraries, & cloud storage.

Permissions and credits
Dragonia is a large estate offered to those destined to be Dragonborn. Located within the foothills of the Throat of the World, it has served those few so gifted through the centuries. Now the Divines have blessed you with the powers of Dragonborn, and this home is bequeathed to you if you choose to accept it.  

Highly Recommended to Use With Dragonia
Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions
My Home Is Your Home (MHiYH 2 Plus)
Request Bard To Take A Break

Dragonia offers 2 Versions  
Ver. 1.1.a is the original mod and includes all Hearthfire (HF) features including room for 3 adoptable children and spouse. See detailed features below.  This version requires TMPhoenix's Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions if you wish to have children and spouse come to your home.

Ver. 1.1 NA is for players who do not want to adopt children.  Still the mod includes all of the other HF features, such as planting, cooking, and other features mentioned here but without adoption.  In place of the living area set aside for adoptable children in the original mod, there is now room for 2 additional follower companions, those that are closest and most treasured by you the player.  Each have their own living space, private rooms, and bathroom within the main house.  A few other aesthetic features have been added or modified.  The house remains compatible for marriage if you choose to take a spouse.  Also, this version of the mod continues to work with Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions to support making this house your home for your spouse as well as the fluid movement of a spouse both indoors and outdoors.  However, DO NOT attempt to adopt children in this version as it will likely cause problems.  My Home is Your Home (MHiYH 2 Plus) has been tested with Dragonia, and it works very well with followers and spouse.

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Dragonia becomes available with a courier quest once the mod is loaded and you have traveled to a new habitable location (excluding Helgen, Orc strongholds and the College of Winterhold) .  Simply follow the quest marker and the directions you receive.  Dragonia occupies a large area atop a plateau directly below and east of the Throat of the World and northeast of Ivarstead as shown here on the Skyrim Map.  It  will conflict with any mods that occupies that area.  If you have concerns about space conflicts, make a post and I'll gladly take a look.  I've already found a few listed below under "Known Conflicts".

Be sure to retrieve the three (3) items from the strongbox upon completion of the  acquisition quest:  KEY,  JOURNAL, & DIRECTIONS.


  • Hearthfire friendly with residence for Dragonborn and family, room for 3 children (or 2 followers in main house with Ver. 1.1NA)
  • NPC/Follower Quarters where NPCs have their own huge living areas and individualized private rooms
  • Permanent estate staff and followers with room for 4 additional followers you may wish to bring with you (Ver. 1.1NA offers 6 followers)
  • Vendors
  • Large armory for your own massive collection, including speciality armor, dragon priest masks, and claws
  • Blacksmith
  • Arcane Labs, including a chamber and  equipment needed to create weaponized spiders
  • Gardens, farming, livestock, apiaries.  Stables for Dragomare (included) and room for additional steeds you may acquire
  • Libraries and Storage Bookshelves
  • Private bath, NPC showers, and pools
  • Cloud Storage throughout the estate and in each Hold Capital
  • Recreational Grotto
  • Daedra Ruins with Guardian and displays for Daedric Artifacts
  • New Shrines with timed enhancements
  • 2 Map Markers, points for fast-travel

Detailed Features

Main 3-story residence is your living place and includes kitchen, dining areas, living and study spaces, and a Hearthfire compatible room for up to 3 children (or 2 followers of your choosing with the "No Adoption" version).   The 3rd floor is your private space--an expansive bedroom suite where you can read from your private library, relax and enjoy the roaring fireplace with someone special, soothe yourself in a relaxing hot water spa, or just get well-rested in the sumptuous master bed.  

Dragoina is surrounded by a lush pine and aspen forest and overlooked by the Throat of the World Mountain.  Occasionally you can see a dragon circling high up at the Throat; and you may be startled by a dragon's close flyover as he heads east.  You can also sometimes spot a circling dragon over Skyrim's grand vistas to the north-west of the estate.  Yes, sometimes a dragon will land on your grounds or circle the estate but, by and large, it's a peaceful place to get away from the hardcore of a Dragonborn's life.  (It is fun to watch the resident mage battle a trespassing dragon!)  

Dragonia works with Hearthfire features including having adoptable children and your spouse move in (for this feature, you will also need to install Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions which is linked above).  There is plantable farming as well as a trellis tranquility garden.  There is livestock and apiaries. Dragonia offers a stable for your resident horse (with space for others you may wish to acquire).  The views, especially at night, are breathtaking to behold!

Beneath Dragonia's main residence is a massive armory for your collection.  There is a fully-equipped smithy with a blacksmith hard at work, and a multi-functional arcane work-space and living quarters for the  resident mage. 

Dragonia offers separate living quarters from the main residence for its  permanent residents and room enough for you to invite 4-6 followers of your choosing to live at the estate. Includes 7 Followers, 2 of which are marriageable. There are  21 residents including 2 children belonging to a Breton family. Each NPC has their own living quarters  and daily  routines.  You have a horse that will not die and will fight vigilantly beside you. Dragonia's blacksmith, mage, cook,  barkeeper, and estate  keeper provide exclusive vendor services to you.  
(See the README for additional information about NPCs.  Also, upon  completion of the  quest to acquire Dragonia, you can pick up a Facility Journal.   The journal is available in-game and provides additional information about NPCs and other features.)

Dragonia's libraries and study areas provides space for every book in Skyrim. So enjoy a quiet evening at home reading tales of adventures from long ago, or do some research on the Daedra, the Dwemer, or learn about the cultures and histories of Tamriel.

The Grotto is part of the vast cavernous spaces below Dragonia.  Here a watery playground has been carved out for you and your companions to kickback, relax, and enjoy.  The hot spring will soothe you after hardcore adventuring and a dip in the pool's cool waters will ease your stress as you  enjoy the scenery.  The well stocked bar will quench your thirst.   Festive music will fill your ears and, if that were not enough, your resident bards happily take requests.  
Near the Grotto you can access the Ruins of Dragonia; a long abandoned dark temple to the Daedra...awaits your exploration.


  Armor, weapons, books--definitely...but also gems, arcane items, food and drink, clothes, jewelry, notes, keys (these things shouldn't be weighing you down in your inventory!).   There is even storage (and a creepy workspace) for the items you need to create weaponized spiders featured in the Dragonborn DLC.  Dragonia offers cloud storage with many access points throughout the estate and Skyrim.  While not required for this mod. SkyIU will give you the sorting menus that best displays and manages the inventory in cloud storage (especially for hoarders like myself) and the items you wish to keep in your player inventory.  (SkyIU is not required for Dragonia, but it is one of those mods for Skyrim that you won't live without once you do use it.  SkyIU does require SKSE)    See the README tab for additional information on storage.


Use a mod manager of your choosing for automated installation or download this mod manually and place Dragonia.bsa and Dragonia.esp in your Skyrim Data directory.  If downloading manually, be sure to enable this mod in the Skyrim Launcher Data Files.  LOOT is a program that can ensure proper load order of all your mods.         

PC Specs
Dragonia was created on a PC with the following specifications:
I5 4670K
R9380  2X GDDR5/256 bit OC/2GB VRAM

This mod is large, comprised of 6 interior and 7 exterior cells.  It is liberally cluttered and likely will not run so well on a system that is not at least comparable to my own.  Due to the very large cell where the armory, blacksmith, and arcane are located, you may experience an occasional CTD when using load doors going to this cell.  There are many armor, weapons, mannequin, and storage scripts loading all at once as you enter so be aware and consider doors leading in here opportunities to save before entry.  Saying that, I rarely encounter CTD.

Thank You For Generously Sharing Your Knowledge & Talents!

Knowledge Mentors
Ac3s and subtanker for the unequip script
Darkfox127 Productions for CK Tutorials
DarkRider of TES Alliance-Creation Kit Basics
DavidJCopp for the shower script
doughamil and Aragorn58 for guidance with the Courier Quest
Dovahklon for sandboxing tweak
SkyrimLazz for display scripts and resources
Modder Participants in Bethesda's old Creation Kit Forum

Resource Creators
Arion aka Ariont50     Artisanix     Blary     BrettM     DarkRder        Elianora     Flintone aka garnet18        Foxia     GoblinVomit     gutmaw  InsanitySorrow     jet4571  Jokerine    KEBW1144     kelretu     lilth     LorSakyamuni    Oaristys (and CDProjectRed for Witcher assets) & Tonynarko67     ps46183     RefurbMaddness    Runspect     SparrowPrince    stoverjm    Tamira with some resources inspired by Stroti   Tarshana  The_Funktasm      Tlaffoon     Tueffelachtein

Artwork:   Adele Lorienne   Nick Deligaris   Vulk Kostic

If I have excluded crediting anybody, please forgive me, it was inadvertent. I will gladly rectify any exclusions or misunderstandings.  
Please send me a PM.

Images shown on this page were taken with the following mods installed on my PC:
(A few textures have been modified since creating photos shown here.)

Facelight Plus
Immersive HUD - iHUD
More Plants and Recipes for Hearthfire
Opulent Outfits
SkyrimHD-2K Textures

Known Conflicts
Build Your Own City - Occupies same area.
Reapers Witchwood Forest and Cabin - Occupies same area.
City of Pinemist - Occupies the same area.
Reapers Witchwood Forest and Cabin -Occupies same area.
Durmstrang Manor - Occupies the same area.
Legendary Cities -TES Arena - All-In-One version is not compatible with Dragonia. However, you can use the modular version of Legendary Cities and exclude Nimalten (which occupies the same location as Dragonia).
Rigmor of Bruma - Has camp right in back yard of Dragonia.
The People of Skyrim - Has Dwemer ruins in the same location as Dragonia. 
Wind Path - By itself should be compatible with Dragonia but it does bump right up to one of the cells occupied by my mod. However, Wind Path's optional add-on, River Rock, will conflict with Dragonia.