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High Resolution replacer texture for the flags hanging in the Grey Quarter in Windhelm. 1k-4k Available.

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This mod is an installment in a series of mods that overhaul Windhelm City

What is this Mod??

While working on a visual overhaul mod for Windhelm, I found myself aggravated every time I jumped in game to test my changes, only to see the ugly vanilla textures on these flags. Bethesda's textures are really low res, and have really bad outlines due to poor implementation in the diffuse/alpha. 

I did my best to recreate the textures at 4k resolution using free resources and hand painting. I tried to stay as close to the vanilla visual style as possible.


Just drop into your data folder. These files will replace the corresponding vanilla textures. 

These files will replace:

To my knowledge this is the only mod that has touched these textures, but if you find another simply let whichever one you prefer overwrite the other. (Mod Organizer's left pane)


Hi-res files are 4k Diffuse/2k uncompressed normals
med are half those above
low are have the med


This is my very first mod, so if I messed something up, please be kind ;)

Feedback is very much welcome. Too bright? Too Dark? Not dirty enough? Let me know! 

Trying to make Windhelm a city you want to visit one step at a time!!