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Provides a unique mesh and texture for the Dawnguard weapon Zephyr.

Permissions and credits
This is a nexusmods.com exclusive mod, I do not give permission for it to be uploaded to any other website, domain name or file sharing resource.
Anyone who sees this file on another website has full permission to file a DMCA against it on my behalf, and please notify me of it directly.

Unique Zephyr
A distinct appearance for a unique weapon

Nothing fancy. Gives Zephyr a new model with sleeker arms that visually show its unique enchantment allowing it to shoot faster. Also gives it a new texture based off vanilla that makes it look a little bit rusty and worn down.
The ghost bow that Katria uses also uses this new model as well now to mimic the fact that she is using the ghost of her bow as well.

This file requires an esp because Bethesda assigned Zephyr to use the same model as all other Dwarven Bows. The esp is what allows this to use a unique model rather then just replace all Dawrven Bows in the game with this model.

Requires Dawnguard
Install like normal through your mod manager, make sure the esp is ticked when you run your game.
Able to be merged via mators Merge Plugins script if you want, no issues there.

If you have another mod that edits Zephyrs stats, damage, value, enchantment etc, instructions have been included on how to patch this file to work with other Zephyr mods in Tes5Edit. You can also view these instructions in the readme. No I will not be making patches for this myself.

Credits and Permissions
Feel free to take my updated textures and do anything you want with them, they are based off vanilla. It was a two minute edit in Photoshop, so no credit or anything like that needed, although if you don't edit them further credit would be nice as would a notification, but seriously, not needed. Conciser them vanilla resources, do what you want with them.

Model used with permission from author - Dwemer Bows, see their page for their permissions.

Thanks to insaneplumber for helping me fix up the mesh, including allowing it to show up on weapon racks, and reminding me to fix the object bounds in the esp. Much appreciated.