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Removes the shiny glare effect from the moss on Solitude walls. Parallax options available.

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Solitude Walls Immersive Moss aka 

This is a small mod that deals with the shiny moss on Solitude walls. It makes the moss 'non-shiny'

What it is.
An updated mesh for Solitude walls.

What it does.
Removes the shine on the moss on Solitude walls.

Install normally using a mod manager of your choice. This mod can be installed at any stage.  You do not need to start a new game.

Remove/delete/disable the meshes and textures. This mod doesn't contain any scripts and is safe to uninstall at any stage.


Are your meshes parallax enabled?
Yes and No. Check the downloads section for details

My Solitude arch is till shiny! What gives?
If you use Skyfalls, make sure the included skyfalls mesh isn't being overwritten.

Does this mod contain the fixed meshes from USLEEP?
Yes and No. Check the downloads section for details.

Why didn't you just edit the alpha for the normal map?
Tried that, didn't work.

Did you make this yourself?
No. Steveowashere also made me a parallax map for the wall moss (included) and gave me some great advice.  He makes some excellent stuff and his Snowy Windhelm mod is the best of it's kind and turns Windhelm into something wonderful and looks amazing. Check it out here.


Arthmoor> given for his edited USLEEP meshes >

SjoertJansesn > given for his windmill mesh from Skyfalls >

Osmodius > given for using his Parallax meshes from Project Parallax Remastered >

Steveowashere > given for using his edited Parallax meshes from Project Parallax Revived >

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