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Adds an apple that kills people on contact. What a funny April Fools joke! Haha! Murder!

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You remember poison apples from Oblivion? Of course you do!
I've returnuated them to Skyrim. Unfortunately, because the Dark Brotherhood is run (are run?) by psychopathic caricatures, the poison they used was so strong it transcended traditional lethality and now kills everything it touches!
In case there were too many big words there, it's an apple that kills any NPC it comes into contact with. The player is immune because they're special.
April Fools to the poor saps who get apple'd to death I guess.

-When installed, this mod will place an "innocent apple" into the tables in Whiterun's Dragonreach. Like my cat when it knocked over my Uncle Theodore's life support machine, it is not so innocent as it appears.
-This apple, when physically (like, havok'd into someone) knocked into someone, will cause them to die. Instantly. Now you can have fun with poison apples just like Jennifer Lopez did when she played that woman with the horns in that Disney movie about the lesbians. Or maybe I'm confusing that one with the one about the chick that's in a polyamorous relationship with like fifteen midgets. They all blend together after a while.
-This apple is an item that can be carried in your inventory. Feel free to use it as a tool of chaos. It cannot however be affected by telekinesis. I've no idea why.

-Believe it or not this weapon makes a great, if hard to use, assassin tool. It's a silent kill and it leaves no evidence that you did anything. 
-BUT it leads to unexpected consequences. I tried to kill a man only for a little girl to come try and pick it up, which killed her, which then caused the apple to roll into a woman sitting on a bench, who got killed, which caused a guard to rush over and trip on the apple and die. Be wary of its power. Lorkhan locked it beneath a Sybandis-wrought forcefield for a reason. 
-It'll conflict with stuff what do things to Dragonsreach, so don't post whining about how it made a bigger mess of your Whiterun than you did of your career as a musician. In both situations you've only yourself to blame.

-Nobody. I walk this road alone.