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Ever wondered whether the game considers you in the shadows or not? Here's a lesser power to take the guess work out.

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Haven't released anything in a while. Here you go, hope you enjoy it!
I have made a visual item(light gem) and much much more here:
I recommend that you no longer use this mod as the light gem is far better.


This mod is designed to let the player know if the game considers the player to be in the dark or not. Using a lesser power you'll be able to check at will while standing still. I used quite conservative values when giving the player feedback on the light level, so if you're using a mod that makes the game darker like I am, you will appear to be in the dark but the game will consider you to be in the light and vice versa. This doesn't make any edits to the light value, it only displays what the game reads. You can now play at a very high brightness and still have a method of knowing whether you're in the dark or not.
The lesser power is called Sense Light. There's a small 'quest' to obtain the power.

Getting Started

Go to the Jarls throne in Markarth and look for a recently read note. If the note isn't there due to unforeseen incompatibilities, search for "Forsworn Insider Note". Optional: Remember to role play and not just read the note while the Jarl is sitting there!

Values and data

"One with the shadows" Light level <1
"Very dark" Light level >1 and <3
"Quite dark" Light level >3 and <5
"Somewhat dark"Light level >5 and <7
"Not in the dark" Light Level >7
Like I said, the values are conservative so a light level of 8 could look dark and you could still be well hidden despite the message.
As long as you are somewhat dark, you are fairly safe. If you have a hardcore stealth mod and a low sneak levels, you'll still be able to figure out what level the mod will consider you hidden. One with the shadows is virtually guaranteed that the game thinks you are well and truly in the dark.

You should only use this mod with ELFX or dark lighting mods, the feedback, while still accurate, you're probably always going to 'not in the dark' due to vanilla being incredibly well lit.
Any ideas, name changes, aesthetic changes, message changes, typos are all welcome. There shouldn't be any bugs or conflicts outside of a mod that changes Understone keep DRASTICALLY, texture changes won't have any affect. I'm using Enhanced lights and FX(what a difference!), and Vivid weathers(very original and I'd recommend none other).
I think that covers it.

Change log 1.0
Added a first person version as requested by "Trailers". Eg "It's somewhat dark" instead of "Somewhat dark".